Category: Wedding Tips & Advice

Tips for Honeymooning
30 May 2014

Tips for Honeymooning in Thailand

One of the most popular honeymoon destinations for South African couples at the moment is Thailand, and it’s not hard to see why. The truth is that when it comes to visiting Thailand, your plane tickets could easily ...

Love Quotes from Classic Literature
14 May 2014

3 Love Quotes from Classic Literature

There’s nothing like a good quote from some classic literature to add a little spice to a wedding speech. Why? Because wedding speeches are all about feelings, and when you are having a little trouble expressing those ...

Photo Booth Ideas
30 Apr 2014

Festive Photo Booth Ideas for Your Wedding Day

Photo booths have become a popular wedding feature over the past while and when you consider the extra element of fun that they bring to the festivities it is easy to see why. When hiring a photo booth you will most ...

5 Love Quotes
23 Apr 2014

5 Love Quotes from Contemporary Literature

When it comes to writing wedding speeches, a lot of us tend to get a little anxious about what to say. Luckily “love” is one of those subjects that many people have written great things about, so when you’re ...

Bachelorette Party
11 Apr 2014

The Brazen Bachelorette Party

The idea of a raucous Bachelorette Party might send ice coursing through the veins of many a blushing bride to be, but if you’re the bridesmaid of a more Brazen Bachelorette then it’s quite likely that you’re ...

What do you register for wedding gifts?
2 Apr 2014

What Do You Register For Wedding Gifts – When You Don’t Need Any?

Let’s face it: We live in a day where not all the usual “planning a wedding” traditions apply any more. Some of them work, of course, but most certainly not all of them. One of the norms that needs a little ...

Planning the Bachelor Party
24 Mar 2014

Tips on Planning the Bachelor Party

Ah the bachelor party! They say bachelor parties are all about the groom, but I think we all know that men like bachelor parties because they are a socially acceptable excuse for men to be men. Technically the boys ...

Wedding Accessories
17 Mar 2014

All About Wedding Accessories

While pretty much all parts of planning a wedding can be considered pretty “exciting”, few wedding details are quite as fun to organize as the accessories. There’s something about the little details  that brings ...

Look Your Best on Your Wedding Day
10 Mar 2014

How to Look Your Best on Your Wedding Day

Perhaps you already have your beauty regime narrowed down to a fine combination of science and art, but it’s more likely that somewhere between your life and your career are a bunch of mismatched beauty details that ...

Black Tie Vs White Tie
3 Mar 2014

Black Tie vs White Tie Wedding

While television might like to teach us differently, there are very few occasions in life where we are afforded the opportunity to dress ourselves to the nines. Unless you are a character on Gossip Girl,  or some other ...

About Bridesmaid Dresses
26 Feb 2014

A Little Bit About Bridesmaids Dresses

We’ve all seen the cliches on TV where brides dress their besties up in scary bright pink chiffon dresses - apparently in order to make themselves seem prettier in comparison - but in real life (I hope) we don’t all ...

Wedding Guest Basic Etiquette
24 Feb 2014

Wedding Guest Etiquette 101: Basic Etiquette

One of the biggest stresses when it comes to planning a wedding is the guest list. Brides and grooms agonize over who to put on the list and who to leave off. This means that when you receive a wedding invitation it ...

How to Plan a Kitchen Tea
17 Feb 2014

How to Plan a Kitchen Tea

A Kitchen Tea is a great way to celebrate the impending nuptials of your bestie, especially if she is going to be moving into her first home after the wedding. The nice thing about kitchen teas is that they can be an ...

How to do Your Own Bridal Hair
10 Feb 2014

How to do Your Own Bridal Hair

The best option when it comes to doing your own hair for the wedding is to keep it simple. Stressing yourself out over something fancy that may end up flopping is just not worth it. Consider allowing your accessories to ...

Beautiful Wedding Traditions from Scandinavia
5 Feb 2014

Beautiful Wedding Traditions from Scandinavia

Some particularly lovely wedding traditions are still upheld in the Scandinavian countries and when you think about weddings being held in places like Norway or Finland you cannot help but picture pure beauty. Rolling ...

Bible Verses Suited to a Wedding
31 Jan 2014

3 Bible Verses Suited to a Wedding Ceremony

A traditional Christian wedding ceremony kind of demands that a few scriptures be thrown into the mix of vows and preaching, which means that you are, once again, faced with a couple of choices. Now, I know what ...

Antenuptial Contract
30 Jan 2014

Speak to Your Attorney About an Antenuptial Contract

We’ve all seen a movie or a TV show where a happily-about-to-be-married couple is feeling crazy in love and on top of the world, and then someone mentions the word “pre-nup” and the height of drama ensues. ...

Fun Wedding Themes
29 Jan 2014

Fun Wedding Themes For You To Consider

The easiest way to put an extra special touch on your wedding day is to choose a wedding theme that is a little “out there”. This, of corse, will take a lot of extra planning, but it will also most certainly be a ...

Wedding Guest Etiquette 101: Gift Giving
28 Jan 2014

Wedding Guest Etiquette 101: Gift Giving

Wedding Guest Etiquette 101: Gift Giving - When it comes to gifts for a wedding couple some of us can get a little flustered. It’s no big deal really. A small token to wish the new couple well in their marriage will ...

Simple Suggestions
24 Jan 2014

Wedding Day Simple Suggestions

If you got engaged over the holidays it is likely that you’re currently spending a lot of time daydreaming about your wedding day - even if that day is still far far away! In the beginning, wedding planning can be ...