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Including Stepparents in Your Wedding
28 Mar 2017

Including Stepparents in Your Wedding

Modern families are different to the previous generation. They are about stepparents, extended family members, adopted children, mixed relationships. But something that hasn’t changed is that families are special; the ...

Interfering Mom
24 Mar 2017

How to Handle an Interfering Mom

Let’s face it – you know your mother or future in law has the best intentions when it comes to making your wedding days extra special. But, it becomes very difficult when she’s a bit of a meddlesome mom. A bossy ...

Trends To Toss
20 Jan 2017

Trends To Toss

As with everything else, the wedding industry has fads and fashions. Some of these are fleeting (like internet-based quotes written on chalkboards), while others seem to last forever (who could tire of fairy ...

29 Sep 2016

Tips & Etiquette for Second Weddings (or third or fourth)

It is common nowadays for brides and grooms to have walked down the aisle at least once before. Here are some nuggets of advice on how to handle everything (from announcing the engagement to choosing a honeymoon spot) ...

24 Sep 2016

Reminders for the Best Man

Being the best man is about more than organising the best boys’ nights and giving great speeches (although these are some welcomed perks to the job). In fact, this role is an important one with plenty of ...

Black Tie Vs White Tie
3 Mar 2014

Black Tie vs White Tie Wedding

While television might like to teach us differently, there are very few occasions in life where we are afforded the opportunity to dress ourselves to the nines. Unless you are a character on Gossip Girl,  or some other ...

Wedding Guest Basic Etiquette
24 Feb 2014

Wedding Guest Etiquette 101: Basic Etiquette

One of the biggest stresses when it comes to planning a wedding is the guest list. Brides and grooms agonize over who to put on the list and who to leave off. This means that when you receive a wedding invitation it ...

Wedding Guest Etiquette 101: Gift Giving
28 Jan 2014

Wedding Guest Etiquette 101: Gift Giving

Wedding Guest Etiquette 101: Gift Giving - When it comes to gifts for a wedding couple some of us can get a little flustered. It’s no big deal really. A small token to wish the new couple well in their marriage will ...

What to do with Gatecrashers
11 Jul 2013

What To Do With Gatecrashers

Weddings in India are big business. Such big business that a serial gatecrasher and her children recently not just attended uninvited for the free food, they were there to swipe jewellery and money too. The article ...

Wedding Myth
29 Apr 2013

Don’t Let Myths about Second Weddings Get you Down: Part 2 – Money and Wearing White

If you are currently planning your second wedding then it is possible that the question “Is it proper?” has reared its ugly head a couple of times already. Whether you heard it from a friend or colleague or even if ...

5 Dec 2012

The Ins And Outs Of Being A Wedding Guest

Dear Wedding Guest, this is for you. Here is, for want of a better or more modern word, the etiquette you should follow when coming to my wedding. I realise that you may have received numerous wedding invitations in ...

20 Nov 2012

The Importance Of Greeting Your Guests

My maiden aunt (a wonderfully outdated term, but I think it's apt when it comes to describing her – she's 75 and takes life in her very firm stride) recently attended a relative's wedding. I met up with her a little ...

24 Oct 2012

Is It Bad Taste To Invite Your Ex Mother-In-Law To The Wedding?

You've heard of the etiquette rule: never invite an ex to your wedding, but what about your ex mother-in-law? Latest news on the Jennifer Aniston / Justin Theroux wedding (for those of you who are not up to speed ...

13 Sep 2012

Being The Stepmother

Those who work in the wedding industry too often witness the manipulation of the bride and groom in order to alienate or intimidate a stepparent. It's a regular feature. Movies all the way from Snow White to the more ...

27 Aug 2012

Can I Tell Guests What To Wear At My Wedding?

Before we say 'yes' to this question, it's a good idea to qualify what type of 'dress' we're talking about. If you have an urge for all your guests to attend wearing black and white because you've lost perspective ...

17 Apr 2012

Mother of the Bride – What to Wear?

There are a lot of shoulds and shouldn'ts when it comes to mothers' of the bride, and the mother of the groom for that matter. Protocol and etiquette dictate quite a number of guidelines that go something like ...

13 Apr 2012

Thank You Cards for the Guest Who Didn’t Bring a Present

They do exist. Hard to believe, but some guests, for whatever reason, may well attend your wedding both gift and card-less. Best practice, and a good idea all round if you want your nerves to survive the post-wedding ...

Including Stepparents in Your Wedding
4 Nov 2011

The polite way to say: “You’re not invited, doll”

The bottom line is that you are not going to please everyone, and you most certainly are not going to manage to invite everyone to your wedding. Not to be blunt about it, but you're probably going to agonise over the ...

Engagement Gifts
8 Sep 2011

Engagement gift ideas

Some of you may be pleased to learn that it is not actually the 'done thing' in terms of traditional engagement etiquette to give engagement gifts. Throwing an engagement party is almost as taboo. You certainly don't ...

Who to invite to your wedding?
6 Sep 2011

Who to invite to your wedding?

The essential question here is, do you opt for the wedding invitation list that smacks of good manners, or do you toss protocol for the type of wedding guest list you would like? There are a number of issues at stake ...

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