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Reminders for the Best Man

Being the best man is about more than organising the best boys’ nights and giving great speeches (although these are some welcomed perks to the job). In fact, this role is an important one with plenty of responsibility, and the best man plays a crucial part in ensuring that the groom’s day goes off smoothly.

This checklist outlines some of the responsibilities of the best man – Reminders for the Best Man…

  • Organise the suit fittings for the groomsmen and be present to advise on colours and styles.
  • Help the groom to choose his tuxedo; offering honest, constructive feedback.
  • Advise on and organise the groomsmen’s gifts for the groom.
  • Help out-of-town wedding party members to find and book accommodation.
  • Organise and host the bachelor party (or stag night). Although tempting, try to avoid making the groom sick or coercing him to do something he will almost certainly regret.
  • Keep an up-to-date schedule of the weeks leading up to the wedding, and keep the other groomsmen informed of any changes.
  • Ask the groom if you can help with any honeymoon arrangements (such as confirming flights or making dinner reservations).
  • Attend all of the rehearsal dinners, bridal party get-togethers, and so on, before the wedding.
  • Handle the payments of any of the service providers on the day of the wedding. This should be arranged in advance so that envelopes with the correct amount of money can simply be handed over to them.
  • Help the groom to get ready on his big day.
  • Ensure that the groom has the marriage licence with him, if applicable.
  • Keep the rings in a safe place, and remember to take them to the wedding venue.
  • Ensure that all of the groomsmen are present, on time and looking good at the ceremony.
  • Brief the ring bearer one last time before the bride arrives at the ceremony venue.
  • After the ceremony, escort the maid of honour out of the venue.
  • Organise the groomsmen after the ceremony for the wedding photographs.
  • Give the first toast at the reception, and confirm the order of all other toasters.
  • Put all of the gift envelopes to one side and keep them safe until the couple’s return from honeymoon.
  • Organise the bride and groom’s departure from the reception venue; which includes decorating their vehicle and ensuring that the guests know when the couple is on their way. Alternatively, surprise them with a limo.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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