12 Wedding Cake Alternatives – When Cutting The Cake Doesn’t Cut It

posted on 12 December 2016 by The Tie The Knot Team
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Wedding Cake Alternatives

Today, weddings are less about tradition and more about the personal preferences of the couple. This is your day, it’s about your love, and you are sharing it with the people that are most special to you. So, it is important to have what you want, rather than fitting in with expectations and traditions. The wedding cake is one of the age-old traditions that guests and photographers love. But, there are so many ways to spice it up and add your own personal twist to it.

Here are some ideas:

Petit fours – dainty, elegant and light, these are also particularly flexible in terms of flavours and colours. Making a number of different ones also means that guests can have some variety.

Donut tower – cover them in colourful icing, drizzle them in caramel, sprinkle them with colourful vermicelli. Donuts are tasty, moreish and comforting; and are sure to be a hit for those with a sweet tooth.

S’mores – this American favourite is made my smearing Nutella or melted chocolate on a biscuit, adding a marshmallow, popping it in the microwave for a few seconds to melt, and squashing it down with another biscuit on top. These are delicious. More delicious than you imagine.

Ice-cream – this is a fun and refreshing option with plenty of variety. Hiring a cute ice-cream cart from where guests can choose their flavours is an optional extra that will certainly add that memorable element to your day.

Selection of pastries – comforting, delicious and easy to make, pastries will always be a hit. Think of little custard tarts, chocolate croissants, éclairs, lemon creams, and more.

Crème brulée – delicate vanilla custard topped with a golden caramelised sugar layer that needs to be cracked to savour the true delight below. This is an elegant choice for couples wanting something that is equally different and delicious.

Pancake cake – pile paper-thin pancakes on top of one another, with chocolate or caramel between them, for a cake with a real difference.

Homemade favourites – think of your favourite treats from your childhood, and serve these on a platter for your guests. These may include chocolate brownies, jam tarts, coconut clusters, or peanut brittle.

Fruit parfaits – refreshing, quick and easy to make, these are a light, tasty way to end the meal. This is a fabulous choice for summer or winter weddings. Choose seasonal fruit and offer guests cream, custard and ice-cream to put over it.

Pies – mini blueberry, pecan, gooseberry or apple pies are irresistible, and look great on a dessert table.

Croquembouche tower – this is often used for French and Italian weddings, and is a delicious, indulgent alternative to a traditional tiered wedding cake. These choux-pastry balls are piled up in a massive cone, and then held together by caramel strings that are drizzled over them. They can be filled with sweet cream, caramel or crystallised fruit pieces.

Selection of biscuits – there’s no better way to enjoy your post-meal coffee than with a piece of buttery shortbread or a choc-chip cookie. Ask a good friend or family member to bake these for you as your wedding gift, for a budget-friendly option.

These sweet treats will make your celebration just that little bit more indulgent and memorable, leaving the guests with a delightful taste in their mouth.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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