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9 Love Laws
30 Oct 2013

9 Love Laws for a Happy Marriage

9 Love Laws - A happy marriage is an achievement. It is something that two people commit to and then continuously strive for. Much as you would put time and energy into achieving a life goal, so you should treat not ...

Something Old
29 Oct 2013

All About Something Old …

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue ... A little saying that every bride would have heard before her day. It’s an old English rhyme dating back to the 1800’s, giving advice on what a ...

Alternative Wedding Ceremony Ideas
24 Oct 2013

A Sweeter Ceremony – Alternative Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Alternative wedding ceremony ideas - If you’re planning your wedding and feel like you want a little extra something special to add to the proceedings of the day then you will be happy to know that there are a lot of ...

Wedding Planning Can Be Overwhelming
22 Oct 2013

Weddings are lovely, but the Wedding Planning Can Be Overwhelming

Weddings are lovely. Wedding planning, however, can be downright overwhelming. No matter how stable your relationship is, it can take a toll on the most secure of relationships – where every spare moment is taken up ...

The Marriage Meander
18 Oct 2013

Gauteng Bride and KZN Bride from The Marriage Meander

The Marriage Meander has always strived to stay on trend whilst providing quality referrals for venues and suppliers within both Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal. With 15 years of experience in the events and wedding industry, ...

A Shoutgun Wedding
16 Oct 2013

Planning a Shotgun Wedding

First of all: Congratulations! Babies are wonderful and weddings are wonderful and while experiencing both simultaneously is going to be a little overwhelming, you are sure to look back on it all with a smile on your ...

The Wedding Ceremony
10 Oct 2013

A Bit of Basic Order: The Wedding Ceremony

While you may consider yourself to be a spontaneous being, when it comes to weddings it is best to know exactly what is happening when it comes to the order of events. A pre-planned itinerary will ensure that everyone ...

So You're Engaged Now What?
8 Oct 2013

So You’re Engaged … Now What?

Allow me for one second to state the obvious: Good news should be celebrated, and engagements are no exception. This is not the time to be coy. This is the time to bask in smiles and happiness. You deserve it. Why? ...

Mistakes Couples Make Before Getting Married
4 Oct 2013

Big Mistakes Couples Make Before Getting Married

Planning a wedding is awesome. It is a magical time for many couples and you should indulge in every moment of it. But let’s get serious for a second, because beyond all the butterflies and the bridal gown and the ...

Mismatched Bridesmaids
25 Sep 2013

Mismatched Bridesmaids

Unless you are one of those brides who chooses her bridesmaids according to her looks (this happens… it’s a little bit sad) then it is likely that you might have an assortment of womanly curves on your hands. This ...

Keep Calm and Marry On
20 Sep 2013

Keep Calm and Marry On

Keep calm and marry on -  Planning a wedding can be stressful. There’s just no getting around that particular fact, especially if you are fussy about every little detail. Just about everything has the potential to go ...

Being the Best Best Man
19 Sep 2013

Being the Best Best Man

Being asked to be the best man at someone’s wedding is a big deal. It kind of means that you’re special. And yeah yeah…I know it’s all “unmanly” to talk about feelings, but when it comes to being asked to be ...

All About Wedding Makeup
17 Sep 2013

All About Wedding Makeup

Good skincare is the base of any beautiful face – but of course, a little make-up never hurts. It’s unlikely you’ll ever be photographed as much as you are on your wedding day – so it’s easy to go a little ...

All About Wedding Skin Care
12 Sep 2013

All About Wedding Skin Care

On your wedding day, there is absolutely no hiding your face. Sure, your dress, flowers and veil will all vie for attention, but naturally everyone will be looking at your newly-wed, happily glowing face. Now, ...

What does your diamond say about you?
6 Sep 2013

What Does Your Diamond Say About You?

Picking out an engagement ring is no small thing. This is something that will be worn daily for what will hopefully turn out to be a very long time, so it stands to reason that a bit of thought should be put into it. If ...

Planning a Bachelorette for a Pregnant Bride to Be
4 Sep 2013

Planning a Bachelorette for a Pregnant Bride to Be

Bachelorette parties can be pretty easy to organize when you have a “Just Add Tequila” failsafe in your pocket. Let’s face it: a lot of us rely on the spirits to make sure that everyone has fun. For the most part, ...

A Shotgun Wedding?
29 Aug 2013

A Shotgun Wedding: Should I, Shouldn’t I?

Despite the fact that we are living in the 21st century and that many of us like to think that tolerance abounds in all corners of the universe - when the bride is pregnant, people talk. Now for some this might be a ...

All About Wedding Speeches
27 Aug 2013

All About Wedding Speeches

When it came to the subject of wedding speeches on our big day, I knew immediately that I wanted to make one – which seemed like the ‘nontraditional’ choice when chatting to wedded friends afterwards. It seems ...

Kitchen Tea Activities
22 Aug 2013

Cutesy Kitchen Tea Activities

Planning a few kitchen tea activities for the bride-to-be’s celebration is a great way to break the tension in a room full of ladies who might not necessarily know each other too well. The type of activities you ...

All About Wedding Drinks
20 Aug 2013

All About Wedding Drinks

A wedding can be, in many people’s minds, a good excuse for a party. Free food, a chance to get dressed up … and drinks on the house. I know I’m perhaps referring to the worst type of guest possible, but the sad ...