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Trends To Toss

As with everything else, the wedding industry has fads and fashions. Some of these are fleeting (like internet-based quotes written on chalkboards), while others seem to last forever (who could tire of fairy lights?).

Here is a list of some of the trends that are ready to be tossed to the curb and replaced with newer, more interesting options…

Cupcakes as wedding cakes – it was cute and quirky. Now, it’s time to get more creative. Wedding cakes themselves have been transformed into incredible creations that reflect the personalities of the couple. Alternatively, opt for a bucket of Magnums, a tower of donuts, or stacked pancakes.

Including your pets – a wedding is about including those you love in your most special of days. But, pets add a massive curveball. They are unpredictable, often uncomfortable (as they need to sit still, surrounded by people), and – sometimes – a little worse for wear. Rather stick to including them in your engagement shoot.

Mason jars – wedding planners loved these, decorators loved these, florists loved these. Now, they’re done. There are countless other options that are just begging to be explored. Copper paint is a stunning alternative that is easy to implement, especially on existing mason jars. Or, ditch the jar completely and replace it with upcycled food tins or wine crates.

Dessert tables – it was a huge hit to have one colourful sugar station for guests to help themselves, rather than a served dessert. And, it remains a great way of getting guests to mingle and of offering a variety of treats for different sweet teeth. But, get creative by including comfort food (like hot chocolate with marshmallows, or s’mores), or opting for specialty goods that are otherwise not easily accessible.

Neutral palettes – timelessly elegant, yes. But, also, the same as ten other brides on any given weekend. Grays, whites and stones are gorgeous, but consider adding vibrant salsa colours or deep forest hues for something more modern and chic.

Photoshopped pictures – you know the ones…where the giant bride pretends to be holding a mini groom on her hand, or the flower girl sits perched in the champagne flute. This is outdated. Meet with a professional photographer, see their portfolio and discuss unique shots that will speak about you, as a couple.

Your wedding day really is about more than fashionable trends. So, the most important style to follow is the one that is true to you, as a couple.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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