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Tips & Etiquette for Second Weddings (or third or fourth)

It is common nowadays for brides and grooms to have walked down the aisle at least once before. Here are some nuggets of advice on how to handle everything (from announcing the engagement to choosing a honeymoon spot) for those who are not getting married for the first time.

Tips & Etiquette for Second Weddings (or third or fourth)…

  • When you get engaged, tell your children first so that they are never excluded from this exciting time.
  • Be prepared to quell others’ concerns about how your children feel about your remarriage. They are likely just caring friends or family that also want the best for your kids.
  • Get a new engagement ring. Do not use the ring from your former relationship.
  • Be sure to tell your ex of your engagement sooner rather than later if you share custody of your children.
  • It may be wise to avoid inviting your ex or their family members to your wedding.
  • It is entirely up to you to decide who will walk you down the aisle. Although your father is a traditional choice for the first wedding, a second wedding tends to be less formulaic. You may decide to include your children in your wedding party this time around.
  • A second wedding also means that you may choose to be less traditional when it comes to your dress. You are not limited to white and lace. Rather, choose something that shows off your personality and makes you feel confident and beautiful.
  • Avoid comparing your spouse-to-be or your wedding to the one(s) you previously had. This is a new start with a new person – try to honour it as such.
  • If appropriate, try to include your new family (particularly the little ones) as much as possible, so that you can all share in the excitement of the big day. This is an excellent way to bond.
  • Make your wedding about the unique relationship the two of you have. Avoid repeating what you did in your previous wedding(s).
  • Even if your guests bring your ex up in conversation, avoid making negative comments about him or her. And ensure that those giving the speeches do the same.
  • Choose a new honeymoon destination that you both love. Don’t opt for places with memories of your ex or of previous marriage(s).
  • Relax, have fun, and get excited for this brand new chapter.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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