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10 Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid ~ Few people get more than one chance to plan their wedding day, to ensure that it is everything that they need and want to honour their most important decision. So, we’ve put together 10 of the biggest (and most common) wedding planning mistakes to avoid, to help make planning your wedding that much easier.

1). Impulse buying

shop around, compare what people have to offer and what they’re charging for it (in detail); do your homework. A massive part of this is to have a budget, and to stick to it. By first having to consider how something fits into your budget, you are less likely to say yes to services and products that you don’t really need or cannot really afford.

2). Not delegating

there is huge value to leaving certain things to the experts or professionals, and relying on friends and family to help with other aspects of your day. By trying to juggle the entire day yourself, you will only end up burnt out, exhausted and unable to enjoy it when it finally arrives. Learn to let go and trust others.

3). Not finalising numbers

assuming that you know who will be there and who won’t, or thinking that you will just work on approximates, is a sure disaster. You will end up over- or under catering, wasting money on extra guest favours, and experiencing plenty of irritation.

4). Inviting too many people to your wedding

you likely have so many friends and family that want to share this day with you. But, inviting distant relatives or acquaintances that really don’t mean much to you as a couple will only add a massive weight to your shoulders and suck your bank account dry, leaving you with a bitter taste in your mouth.

5). Not deciding on the important aspects of your day

prioritise what is most important to you and what you think you should spend the largest portion of your budget on. Do you want a really great photographer more than a three-course meal? Could you hire a dress instead of buying one so that you could afford a better DJ?

6). Not being creative and open-minded

not everything will work out exactly the way you planned it. By approaching your wedding planning with a more open mind, you can get creative and be receptive to ideas that, while different to your original plans, may actually make it even better. Not doing this is a sure-fire way to get totally frazzled.

7). Comparing yourself to others

this is your day, your budget, your tastes, and your priorities. Comparing yourself will only ever leave you feeling lacking.

8). Buying everything new

Wedding Planning Mistake number eight is buying everything new! Rent, borrow, or make whatever you can. Take friends up on offers. This will save you money and will make these aspects of your wedding unique to you.

9). Wanting flowers out of season

since flowers only really get there on the day of your wedding, this is an area that has huge potential for disaster. Opting for local, easily available flowers drastically reduces the chances of there being a floral crisis and so avoid Wedding Planning Mistakes number nine!

10). Waiting for the last minute

don’t underestimate the high demand that is placed on all things wedding related. By waiting too long, you diminish your options, and are left with what other couples rejected.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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