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Save the date cards
13 Aug 2017

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Wedding Day Emergency Kit ~ Being prepared for unexpected surprises and minor mishaps on your big day is going to make all the difference to your stress levels and to you disaster management skills. It doesn’t usually ...

Flower Fusion
21 Mar 2017

How To Recycle Wedding Items

Organising a wedding is no mean feat, and there is no getting around the fact that, after the champagne has been popped, the speeches applauded, and the dance floor given a run for its money, there is just a lot of ...

Wedding Websites
28 Feb 2017

10 Tips for a Top Wedding Website

Wedding websites are a current, practical way of providing information to your friends and family, but also a fantastic way to preserve your photographs and stories. In addition, you can use your website as a platform ...

DIY Wedding Flowers
14 Feb 2017

Pros and Cons of a DIY Wedding

DIY weddings have taken over Pinterest and wedding blogs, inspiring brides to create their own unique stationery, décor features, snacks, and even dresses. But, is a DIY wedding all that it’s cracked up to be? Like ...

Decorated Table
7 Nov 2016

10 Wedding Planning mistakes to avoid

Few people get more than one chance to plan their wedding day, to ensure that it is everything that they need and want to honour their most important decision. So, we’ve put together 10 of the biggest (and most ...

Makeshift Photo Booth
9 Jun 2014

Prop Ideas for a Makeshift Photo Booth

Skipping out on a rented photo booth and creating a photo space of your own means that you get to be even more creative when it comes to photo props. You are no longer limited to small props that can fit inside of a ...

Photo Booth Ideas
30 Apr 2014

Festive Photo Booth Ideas for Your Wedding Day

Photo booths have become a popular wedding feature over the past while and when you consider the extra element of fun that they bring to the festivities it is easy to see why. When hiring a photo booth you will most ...

Alternative to the Photo Booth
7 Apr 2014

An Alternative to the Photo Booth

Photo booths at weddings are all the rage these days and it’s not hard to figure out why when you consider how much fun they are. Unfortunately when it comes to the conventional rent-a-booth photo booths you are ...

East Mocktail Recipes
12 Feb 2014

Quick & Easy Mocktail Recipes

If you’re planning on having a Dry Wedding (dry = alcohol free) then serving up a batch of signature mocktails is a great way to solve the hydration needs of your guests. Just because you have decided to keep the ...

Makeshift Photo Booth
10 Jan 2014

Homemade Photo Booth – A Few Quirky DIY Ideas

Making provision for photographing the guests at your wedding is a great idea for two reasons. For one, you get to have some great photographs of your closest friends and family, and for another, it is an excellent way ...

Makeshit Photo Booth
25 Oct 2013

Backdrop Ideas for a Makeshift Photo Booth

If you’re set on creating your own photo booth area for your wedding then I applaud you! What a fantastic and fun way to play with your creativity. Small touches like this really do give you the chance to put an extra ...

Eco Friendly
1 Aug 2013

10 Tips For An Eco-Friendly Wedding

An impressive number of brides are opting for more eco-friendly weddings these days and the results are far from boring. You may think that Going Green is synonymous with narrowing down your choices but that is most ...

DIY Wedding Favours
8 Jul 2013

DIY Winter Wedding Favours

Winter weddings mean that everything gets to be a little more indulgent. The food and drink is richer. The décor is fuller. The venue is cosier. There’s just something about winter that inspires luxury and comfort ...

DIY Wedding Flowers
16 Apr 2013

DIY Corner: Grow Your Own Wedding Flowers

Why go to the trouble when your local flower stall will have all you need and more? I thought along these lines, until I mistakenly grew a bed of sunflowers. Amongst what we feed our chickens, I sprinkle the type of ...

Paper Flower Bouquet
12 Apr 2013

The Alternate Bouquet

If you’re feeling a little whimsical and would like to break a couple of typical wedding traditions, then why not consider ditching that hefty bunch of flowers for something a little more fun to walk down the aisle ...

Save the date cards
22 Mar 2013

Save The Date Cards – What Are They Actually For?

Save the date cards are the more recent rendition of the endless phone calls your mother would have made to the likes of Aunt Dot to allow ample warning that their usual bowls or bingo meet on the particular Saturday on ...

Glitter Confetti
26 Feb 2013

Quirky Confetti

The throwing of confetti is one of the more traditional wedding practices that we perform today but it is certainly a practice that that can be jazzed up with a little bit of creative imagination. If you aren’t one ...

Rose Petal Confetti
13 Feb 2013

Choosing Confetti

Ah confetti! Throwing things at the bride and groom as they walk out of the wedding ceremony and into their new life together is a strange but lovely tradition, and it is one that no wedding would be complete without. ...

Bride to Be using iPad
6 Feb 2013

Great Apps To Gear You Up For Your Wedding

Brides Wedding Genius 2.0 Great if you want something visual to get you into the mood and give you inspiration for wedding dresses, rings, and honeymoon destinations. Over 1 100 different wedding gowns let you search ...

Protea Bouquet
4 Feb 2013

Simply Beautiful Bouquets

Ah the bouquet! Traditionally flowers weren’t used for the bouquet at all, but instead strong smelling herbs like garlic and thyme were used to ward off evil spirits. Another story tells us that flowers were once used ...

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