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Importance of a Honeymoon
16 Aug 2013

The Importance of Your Honeymoon

I understand not everyone can afford to take a ‘holiday’ after the wedding – for this article, I’m not referring to two weeks spent on a tropical beach or a ski trip to the Alps – but simply time alone, ...

Bridesmaids Watching Movies
15 Aug 2013

3 Movies To Get You In The Mood For Your Bridesmaid Duties

So your best friend has just asked you to be the Maid of Honour at her wedding and you’re feeling a little bit “What now?” about it. Never fear. Hollywood has entertainment solutions for all walks of life and ...

Should You Elope
14 Aug 2013

Should You Elope?

Perhaps a strange question to ask, but it is one that went through my mind for a good few weeks during our engagement. Perhaps brought on by the seemingly endless decisions and plans to be made or perhaps by the ...

Gift of Books
7 Aug 2013

4 Themed Gift Ideas for a Kitchen Tea

Typically the modern day bride comes with an established household, which makes gift shopping for a kitchen tea a little bit complicated. As the bridesmaid, it is part of your job to help guests decide what to buy that ...

Bride With Flower Girl
6 Aug 2013

The Lowdown on Flower Girls

Deciding to include children in your wedding party may seem like a bit of a scary and unpredictable step, but little ones dressed in gorgeous frills and sporting flowers in their hair can add an incredibly special ...

All About Wedding Catering
5 Aug 2013

All About Wedding Catering

I was recently asked to cater for a wedding. Around 150 people, with a budget of R8000 - which includes drinks. To save you the calculations, the budget works out to just over R50 per person - which is, well, pretty ...

Candice Wedding Hair
2 Aug 2013

All About The Hair

Ah, hair. The pride and glory of most women and how much more so on their wedding day? Whether it’s half covered by a veil, swept up off your face or left down to tumble over your shoulders, it will be one of the main ...

Eco Friendly
1 Aug 2013

10 Tips For An Eco-Friendly Wedding

An impressive number of brides are opting for more eco-friendly weddings these days and the results are far from boring. You may think that Going Green is synonymous with narrowing down your choices but that is most ...

Cruise Ship Honeymoon
31 Jul 2013

Cruise Ship Honeymoon

A cruise to an exotic destination seems like a perfectly legitimate idea for a honeymoon but as with all things there are pros and cons. On the pros side there are many wonderful things about cruises. When you consider ...

Trash the Dress
29 Jul 2013

Celebrating in Style

I wanted to do a trash-the-dress photo shoot shortly after my husband and I got married last year, but at the time it just seemed like too much trouble to organize it. By the time the wedding was over we were both ...

Shop for the dress
25 Jul 2013

3 Simple Tips for Shopping for a Wedding Dress

I want to tell you a secret: All Brides Are Beautiful. Every single one of them. The media may have fixed parameters for what is considered beautiful, but don’t let such narrow perceptions get you down. If you’re ...

Pink Ring
22 Jul 2013

Colour Your Engagement Ring Pink and Purple

Lilac and pink coloured stones are perfect for the more spiritual bride as these stones represent spiritual love and high thoughts. These stones are also an excellent choice for daintier rings as they bring about a ...

The Perfect Shoes
19 Jul 2013

The Perfect Pair of Shoes

While shoes may seem like a very small part of your wedding preparations, they play a very large part in the enjoyment side of things. The last thing you need on your wedding day, while everything else is perfect, is an ...

Candice Save The Date
17 Jul 2013

All About Wedding Stationery

(Another) surprising cost in the wedding planning arena was stationery - one that perhaps defied belief the most. I discovered there are entire companies dedicated to wedding stationery - that will design everything ...

Modern Reading
15 Jul 2013

3 Wedding Readings from Modern Literature

If you’re a bookish Bride and you’re looking to add something a little personal to your wedding ceremony you might consider having someone read a romantic passage from one of your favourite books. No, I don’t mean ...

What to do with Gatecrashers
11 Jul 2013

What To Do With Gatecrashers

Weddings in India are big business. Such big business that a serial gatecrasher and her children recently not just attended uninvited for the free food, they were there to swipe jewellery and money too. The article ...

Warm Winter Wedding
10 Jul 2013

Warm Winter Weddings

One of my all-time favourite wedding scenes from television is when Phoebe and Mike get married outside of Central Perk in the snow on the TV series Friends. The sweet intimacy of that wedding coupled with the exquisite ...

All about the shoes
5 Jul 2013

All About The Shoe

This is perhaps one of the easiest ways to save a few hundred Rand without compromising your outfit – with the extra money rather going towards your bouquet or make-up. Unless you are a sworn shoe fanatic, who ...

Ring Shopping
2 Jul 2013

The Right Way to Buy an Engagement Ring

Literature and television tend to give us a bit of a skewed idea of how things work out in the real world, but few of those ideas are quite as inaccurate as the idea of the engagement ring. You see, in a perfect world, ...

Sapphire Engagement Ring
27 Jun 2013

Colour Your Engagement Ring Blue

They say you should choose a colour that you like rather than fixate on any particular kind of gemstone when it comes to shopping for jewellery because when it comes down to price and availability you might end up being ...