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The Bridal Bag
26 Jun 2013

The Bridal Bag

One of my bridesmaids was also fairly recently married – and what a blessing this was! There are some things you only learn once you’ve been a bride yourself – and I hope to share as many of these gems with you as ...

Winter Weddings
25 Jun 2013

Wedding Winter Wear

If you’ve just recently gotten engaged and you’re considering having your wedding around this time next year, then it is probably a good idea for you to start paying some good attention to the kind of weather ...

Long dress
21 Jun 2013

The Not So “Obvious” Advice

While there are hundreds of “obvious” pieces of advice you’ll receive while planning your wedding, I wanted to share a few of the less obvious words of wisdom with you. Most of these I would have loved to have ...

Kitchen Tea Treats
20 Jun 2013

5 Activities for a Kitchen Tea

While The Hen Party is certainly meant to be an evening of playful debauchery coupled with crazy outfits and tequila shots, it is most likely that The Kitchen Tea is a quieter, more civilized affair. Perhaps it’s just ...

Red Engagement Ring
14 Jun 2013

Colour Your Engagement Ring Red

Diamonds are the usual go-to choice when it comes to engagement rings, but there are no rules that say engagement rings can’t be dressed up with a few other precious stones or gems. In fact, today many couples are ...

Engraved Rings
13 Jun 2013

Beautiful Wedding Traditions from South America

The mainstream wedding industry in our country is pretty unconventional I think. While many couples do conform to certain Western traditions, the weddings here are pretty cosmopolitan and rituals are seldom adhered to. ...

Candice Wedding Dress
12 Jun 2013

Addressing the Dress

When asking any woman about her wedding day, the image she will already probably have in her mind is of herself in her wedding dress. Above flowers, venue or food it is safe to say it is the defining image of anyone’s ...

Reading from Classical Literature
11 Jun 2013

3 Wedding Readings from Classic Literature

There is something about a good passage reading at a wedding that kind of just softens everyone. Having one of the bridesmaids or a beloved family member get up and read something lovely during the ceremony can be quite ...

Candice Bouquet
7 Jun 2013

All About Flowers

When we started the wedding planning in earnest,  I knew that flowers would never play a huge part in my budget. Having heard of table decorations costing R600 per table, it sounded a little crazy to me and I knew I ...

6 Jun 2013

Beautiful Wedding Traditions from the British Isles

You can’t help but think “Fairtytale Wedding” when you think of England and the British Isles. Perhaps it is because so much fairy folklore comes from these beautiful countries. It’s nice to see how many ...

First Dance Tips
5 Jun 2013

5 Tips for the First Dance

A lot of us are simply comfortable with shuffling around aimless on the dance floor when one of our favourite songs inspires us to get up and move, but when it comes to your wedding you might not be satisfied with a bit ...

Gift Table
3 Jun 2013

Don’t Let Myths about Second Weddings Get you Down: Part 3 – Showers, Wedding Parties & Presents

By now you are hopefully planning your wedding your way, you have graciously accepted a little financial help from your mom and you are wearing that gorgeous white gown that you initially walked away from because your ...

Ready to get married? Financial Side?
31 May 2013

How to Know When You and Your Partner Are Ready to Get Married: The Financial Side

As romantic a notion as it might be to completely separate love and finance, one can unfortunately not deny the fact that finances play a big role in all of our lives. Taking a closer look at your financial state can ...

Candice Food Tips
29 May 2013

Food, Glorious Food

Candice, one of our Bride to Be's shares some of her budget saving tips to help you plan your wedding. In the first of my budget-saving-tips, I started with the most likely biggest expense of your wedding – guests and ...

Bachelorette Party
27 May 2013

Alternative Bachelorette Party Ideas

Maybe I’m just getting on in years but the idea of a drunken night of humiliating debauchery followed by a two-day hangover holds very little appeal to me. To be completely honest with you, when I was planning my ...

Lingerie Shopping
24 May 2013

How to Shop for Bridal Lingerie

While no one but your significant other (and possibly your bridal party or whoever helps you get dressed) will see your underwear on your wedding day, your bridal lingerie is still an important part of your wedding ...

Practical Marriage
23 May 2013

Practical Marriage

The subject of marriage is a particularly hot topic at the moment. As South Africans we are lucky enough to live in a country where marriage equality exists, but in the United States thousands of couples still fight ...

Couple in love
21 May 2013

Finding love – 8 ways you can create love in your life

We place a staggering amount of importance on finding the 'love' of our lives. This person must fulfill just about every need we have. Often these expectations are not only unrealistic, but the consistent support we ...

Wedding Readings
17 May 2013

3 Wedding Readings from Children’s Literature

Love is at its core such a childlike quality that it often inspires a visit from our own inner children. Love, like Joy and Excitement, can bring out Playfulness and Wonder in even the most jaded of adults. If you feel ...

The Marriage Meander
16 May 2013

The Marriage Meander

Nici Bailes, owner of The Marriage Meander Company with fifteen years of experience in the wedding industry, offers wedding planning advice through consultation with the brides, namely Wedding Planning Therapy. These ...