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Tips on Planning the Bachelor Party

Planning the Bachelor Party ~ Ah the bachelor party! They say bachelor parties are all about the groom, but I think we all know that men like bachelor parties because they are a socially acceptable excuse for men to be men.

Technically the boys should be allowed their boydom moments from time to time, but the bachelor party seems to be a reason for it all to be pushed to the next level.  Of course, as long as the boys have each others’ backs it should all work out just fine.

If you’re going to be planning the bachelor party you might want to consider the fact that you might have to do a little more than organize a stripper.

Some tips to keep in mind while Planning the Bachelor Party…

The Guest List

Chat to your groom about the guest list to make sure that no one accidentally gets left off of it. Before sending out the invites make sure that he is happy with the list.

Make Actual Plans

It’s all very well and fine to decide that you’re going to “wing it” on the night, but the last thing you need is a bunch of dudes hanging around awkwardly all trying to come to an agreement on what to do or where to go.

It doesn’t matter what those plans are (hotel, casino, strip club, restaurant, scuba diving) as long as you have a plan. You can, of course, deviate from this plan as you go along, but make sure you have it nonetheless.

Remember the Family Members

Uncles, dads and in-laws are invited to bachelor parties, so keep this in mind while you plan the Bachelor Party. You might want to plan something low-key (ish) to start with, and then bring out the mad partying once your man’s  father-in-law and  his 92 year-old Uncle John have headed off home.

Make Arrangements for Transport

This is a vitally important part of the evening – nobody wants a drunken driving incident to sour the whole night! If you can’t organize designated drivers from the guest list, then you best be chatting to a taxi service or politely asking all the girlfriends to be on standby.

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