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Choosing South Africa as a Wedding Destination

South Africa as a Wedding Destination ~ South Africa is a land of breath-taking beauty, an ethereal quality of all things magical and romantic.

To complement its natural abundance, there are bustling urban epicentres like Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, and a wonderful array of service providers for every aspect of an exquisite, memorable event. This idyllic combination makes it the perfect place for the wedding of a lifetime.

South Africa as a Wedding Destination…

Here are just some of the reasons that South Africa is one of the best wedding destinations in the world:

Photographic loveliness

Your photographs are your only keepsake of all the gorgeous details of your big day. The vistas that South Africa has to offer are incredible, and add a very important element to these lasting memories.

With backdrops like the skyline of Johannesburg, the flat top of Cape Town’s Table Mountain, the farm houses of the Karoo, and the beaches of the Eastern Cape, your photographs are set to be nothing short of breath-taking.


The mountains, valleys, forests, beaches and semi-deserts are juxtaposed by quaint villages with plenty of history and charm, as well as big metropolitan epicentres that have a glitzy beauty of their own. So, no matter what style you choose for your big day, or the budget you have available, there will be a gorgeous setting that is just right.

Facilities and amenities

South Africa is advanced and is well equipped with vendors, venues, photographers, caterers, designers and dress-makers, honeymoon venues, and so on. International visitors will have access to top-class facilities during their time in South Africa, ensuring that the bridal couple and their guests are treated to the experience of a lifetime without compromising on quality.

Economical advantage

In many cases, South Africa is more budget-friendly for visitors from Europe, Australia, the East and the Americas. This leaves some money left over for a dream honeymoon.

Honeymoon central

This country continues to be the honeymoon destination of choice for millions of tourists. And it is no wonder. South Africa is alive with culture, history, cuisine, arts, crafts, music, natural gems, cosmopolitan hubs, and much more.

Make your wedding day all the more special and memorable when choosing South Africa as a Wedding Destination! Above all, have fun.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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