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Cape Town, South Africa
10 Oct 2016

Choosing South Africa as a Wedding Destination

South Africa is a land of breath-taking beauty, an ethereal quality of all things magical and romantic. To complement its natural abundance, there are bustling urban epicentres like Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, ...

30 May 2014

Tips for Honeymooning in Thailand

One of the most popular honeymoon destinations for South African couples at the moment is Thailand, and it’s not hard to see why. The truth is that when it comes to visiting Thailand, your plane tickets could easily ...

16 Aug 2013

The Importance of Your Honeymoon

I understand not everyone can afford to take a ‘holiday’ after the wedding – for this article, I’m not referring to two weeks spent on a tropical beach or a ski trip to the Alps – but simply time alone, ...

The South African Honeymoon
23 Nov 2011

How to pick a honeymoon venue – 10 hard-to-beat destinations in South Africa

My advice to all the brides out there is, leave this one to the groom. There is so much else that you're going to need to get a handle on – your wedding dress, that of your bridesmaids, your mother, the flowers, the ...

Honeymoon Couple
18 Aug 2011

What is the honeymoon exactly?

The fact that both recent royal wedding brides and grooms - Will and Kate, and Zara and Mike - chose to skip, or at least not take immediately, their honeymoons seems to signal a change in the honeymoon agenda. Zara and ...