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Importance of a Honeymoon
16 Aug 2013

The Importance of Your Honeymoon

I understand not everyone can afford to take a ‘holiday’ after the wedding – for this article, I’m not referring to two weeks spent on a tropical beach or a ski trip to the Alps – but simply time alone, ...

Boost your honeymoon mood
17 Apr 2013

Boost your Honeymoon Mood

Let me tell you a little secret about honeymoons: They come at exactly the right time! Now that might sound daft, but the truth of the matter is that after months of planning the perfect day, it is an absolute relief to ...

19 Feb 2013

Natural Aphrodisiacs (That Aren’t Oysters) – Perfect Honeymoon Food

An aphrodisiac increases sexual desire, hence the name, which comes from the Greek goddess of love - Aphrodite. Whilst there are those who proport that medical science has no claim that any particular food increases ...

21 May 2012

Alternatives To The (Big, Expensive) Honeymoon

Do a Google search for 'alternatives to honeymoons' and you'll get plenty of alternative honeymoon destinations (like staying in a treehouse in Sweden) but little advice about what to do if you're not going on honeymoon ...

2 Feb 2012

The Green Honeymoon – Why Local Travel Is Best

The honeymoon turned green is not simply a trend. More and more couples are not only choosing low carbon weddings, they're also selecting environmentally friendly resorts over the beach-style romantic resort for their ...