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Alternatives To The (Big, Expensive) Honeymoon

Do a Google search for ‘alternatives to honeymoons‘ and you’ll get plenty of alternative honeymoon destinations (like staying in a treehouse in Sweden) but little advice about what to do if you’re not going on honeymoon at all.

Why? Well, who does such a thing? Even Kate and William, who appeared unfazed at going straight home after the wedding, still went on to honeymoon somewhere.

But what to do if you can’t afford it, or simply don’t have the time for one? There are other things you can do that are fun and cheap and cheerful.

Stay at home

I don’t want to state the obvious, but you can simply, er, stay exactly where you are. Turn off the computer, cell phone, TV, disconnect with the rest of the world and chill…

Go local for the weekend

Stay in a local B&B for the weekend. By travelling locally, your expenses are far lower, and staying within two or three hours of home, your petrol costs are lower too. Otherwise, choose a destination that you can reach by bus or by train.

Travel your own city

You really, really can’t get away? Then travel your city like a tourist. Do all the things a local would never dream of doing – take the hop-on-hop-off bus, stop and visit museums, eat icecream, browse bookshops and generally do things you would not usually do when at home.


If money is the only issue, and not time, then volunteer to help on a farm – go wwoofing in other words. World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, also known as willing workers on organic farms, offers those willing to work, a place to stay and food on the table. It can be a wonderful way of seeing the world, experiencing a good night’s sleep after a hard day’s labour, and enjoying the slowness of life on a farm.

Head for the hills

Go on a walking holiday. Often it’s as simple as finding out which nature reserves or farmers allow you to ‘camp out’ on their land, and you can pack a couple of packs and head off into the wilderness for a few days.

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