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How to Choose a Wedding Hairstyle
29 Nov 2013

How to Choose a Wedding Hairstyle

The perfect hairstyle goes a long way to completing your fairy princess look and it is a decision not to be taken lightly. Here are a few points to consider while making your choice. 1. Choose your dress first Once ...

The Reception
28 Nov 2013

A Bit of Basic Order: The Reception

It is likely that if you are the bride, you will have very little to do with what is going on at the reception hall. You will be too busy getting ready to get married! It is most likely that the caterers and staff where ...

Oaksrest Vineyards Guest Farm
27 Nov 2013

Tie The Knot at Oaksrest Vineyards Guest Farm in Ladismith

Find the Oaksrest Vineyards Guest Farm tucked in the valley of Dwarsriver which is a short 10 minute drive from Ladismith. You'll be surrounded by the most gorgeous fruit orchards and wine and table grape vineyards - a ...

Gifts for the Groom
26 Nov 2013

All About Gifts For The Groom

For once, this article isn’t about me. Something old, new, borrowed, blue – I had it all. But what about my poor groom? Here are a few ideas of how to make your groom feel special with gifts and goodness. Here are ...

Stop and Take a Break
25 Nov 2013

Elle’s Bridal Diary: Stop and Take a Break

Stop and take a break while planning your wedding - I write this post after enjoying a spontaneous sunset walk with my Bear. It was while we were walking, taking in our pretty surroundings chatting about nothing in ...

How to Decorate a Wedding Cake
22 Nov 2013

How to Decorate a Wedding Cake Yourself

While the movies will have you believe that wedding cakes are lavish three-tiered affairs big enough to fit several humans inside of, the reality is that wedding cakes have become a little more humble of late. Most ...

21st Century Wedding Gifts
21 Nov 2013

21st Century Wedding Gifts

Let’s face it: most of today’s brides and grooms have been living together for months, if not years. Our marrying couples are older, they are established and they pretty much have their lives and homes figured out. ...

Silvermist Mountain Lodge
20 Nov 2013

Tie The Knot at Silvermist Mountain Lodge in Constantia

Lose yourself in the beauty and tranquility of Silvermist Mountain Lodge and Organic Wine Farm - a privately owned estate in excess of 50 acres tucked away on the spectacular slopes of the Table Mountain National Park - ...

Something Blue
19 Nov 2013

All About Something Blue

The last, and perhaps most difficult in the series – something blue. I understand, this may sound perfectly ridiculous, especially as my wedding colours were blue and white – but I found it almost impossible to ...

Wedding Hair Ideas
18 Nov 2013

Elle’s Bridal Diary: Hairs and Graces – Wedding Hair Ideas

I am not one for rules; I always believed that you should be motivated by more than simply fear of punishment or fear of judgement. I believe you should be motivated by love, passion and even a dream. I apply this ...

How to Hire a Wedding Planner
15 Nov 2013

4 Tips on How to Hire a Wedding Planner

For busy brides who tend to get a little bit on the overwhelmed side, hiring a wedding planner could be the difference between getting things done right and losing your grasp on sanity. Weddings can be chaos to arrange, ...

Something Borrowed
14 Nov 2013

All About Something Borrowed

The saying started off rather easily “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” – and the ideas themselves were rather easy to implement. The next two were the trickiest for me – and ...

Kearsney Manor
13 Nov 2013

Tie The Knot at Kearsney Manor in KwaZulu Natal

The magestic Kearsney Manor, built in the late 1800's by Sir Liege Hulett is situated on an original sugar estate near Stanger in the KwaDukuza district. This magnificent old colonial estate is recognised as a Heritage ...

Ways to Cut Reception Costs
12 Nov 2013

5 Ways to Cut Reception Costs

It’s no secret that wedding receptions can cost a fortune, but with a little creativity there are plenty of ways to save money without running the risk of looking tacky. Here are 5 ways to cut reception costs at your ...

Wedding Favours
11 Nov 2013

Elle’s Bridal Diary: Do Me A Wedding Favour

Wedding favours are increasingly popular and some believe it to be an absolute necessity. I personally see it as another opportunity for you as bridal couple to share a bit of your personality and story in a fun and ...

Wedding Day Beauty Mistakes
8 Nov 2013

4 Wedding Day Beauty Mistakes

Your wedding day is one day out of your life where you want to look your very best. There’s little point in pretending otherwise. Even if you generally take a casual approach to your appearance, there is no doubt that ...

Perfect Wedding Dress
7 Nov 2013

7 Ways to Procure the Perfect Wedding Dress

As a future bride, the most exciting and important part of planning a wedding is the dress. Contemporary television will have you believe that finding your perfect wedding dress entails dealing with a lot of snooty ...

Andes Clarens Guesthouse
6 Nov 2013

Tie The Knot at Andes Clarens Guesthouse & Wedding Venue in Clarens

It's the day you've always dreamed of and you want every moment to be spectacular. Searching for the perfect venue can be tough and then you breath a sigh of relief when you hear about Andes Clarens Guesthouse which is ...

Something New
5 Nov 2013

All About Something New …

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue Following on from last week’s bridal traditions – we’re on to the easiest, and perhaps most fun line ‘something new’ – or, a simple excuse to ...

Lessons From A Wedding Guest
4 Nov 2013

Elle’s Bridal Diary: Lessons From A Wedding Guest

As many photographers will have you know ‘tis the season to get married. Wedding season is in full swing and I was blessed to witness the unions of some special people this October. As our special day is less than 90 ...

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