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All About Gifts For The Groom

For once, this article isn’t about me. Something old, new, borrowed, blue – I had it all. But what about my poor groom? Here are a few ideas of how to make your groom feel special with gifts and goodness. Here are my suggestions of gifts for the groom:

A little pampering

While the ladies have every excuse for a facial, massage, manicure and everything in between… the grooms can sometimes be left behind. Yes, they are rugged and manly and covered in hair – but a facial or massage will generally always be appreciated (or needed!). If the thought of going together makes you a little uncomfortable, there are many spas that specialize in male grooming – some even offering whiskey and cigars.

A watch

Perhaps the most traditional of groom – gifts and for good reason. For most men it’s the only piece of jewelry they will wear, along with a wedding ring. With the option of also getting it engraved, it can become a special memory every time he looks down to check the time. With great watches available from between R1000-R2000, it’s unlikely to break the bank.

The BIG day attire

Why not buy him his wedding day-wear as a gift? Spend the day together suit shopping, with a lunch in between and just making him feel special. A groom can easily be left behind when most of the wedding hype and excitement is about the bride. From shoes to a shirt, socks to a suit make him feel special and like a truly hottie-husband-to-be.

A ‘man’venture

A little adventure getaway – if you are brave enough to go with, or maybe spoil him to a night away with his groomsmen. Whether it’s a night away camping with his friends or a weekend fishing – it will give him a little time to miss you and some manly bonding time with his closest friends.

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