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All About Something Blue

The last, and perhaps most difficult in the series – something blue. I understand, this may sound perfectly ridiculous, especially as my wedding colours were blue and white – but I found it almost impossible to incorporate something blue into my wedding outfit. I didn’t want blue ribbon around my bouquet or blue tone flowers.

I didn’t want  a blue stone I my earrings or hair clip, a blue ribbon sewn into my dress or blue nailpolish on my toes. The suggestions become ridiculous (as if I would ever wear blue nailpolish, let alone on my wedding day).

But, back to the problem at hand – where do you do ‘blue’? I was quite happy to do without, and take my chances with the Wedding Fates by ignoring tradition – until the night before my wedding, when my maid of honour offered to go buy me a pair of blue knickers to wear. I’m not sure if this counts entirely, as I didn’t wear them during the actual ceremony (due to fears of transparency) – but it was the best option I could think of.

Thankfully the tradition seems to be a little loser with this line, and you can incorporate the ‘something blue’ into your wedding – and not just your outfit. Something I wish I’d known beforehand!

Here are a few more ideas for “Something Blue”…

• Use blue confetti

• Wear a blue Garter

• Drive in a blue car to/from your wedding

• Have a blue clutch bag for the day

• Pack blue lingerie for the honeymoon

If none of these appeal to you … it’s just a saying.


Something to add even more excitement to your wedding day, and an excuse to spoil yourself even more. Don’t let it stress you out if you aren’t following anything to the letter. It’s your day.

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