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The throwing of confetti is one of the more traditional wedding practices that we perform today but it is certainly a practice that that can be jazzed up with a little bit of creative imagination. If you aren’t one for old-fashioned customs and feel that the conventional confetti favourites are just not for you then perhaps I can help you think outside the box a little. Most of us can’t afford fancy doves or butterflies set to hatch at just the right moment, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something fun to fit our confetti needs out there.

Here are some less-than-conventional confetti ideas:

  • Bells. Instead of having people throw confetti why not rather have them ring little bells.  It would certainly be a memorable way to welcome a new couple to marriage.
  • Glitter. This seems a little crazy and will most likely be a nightmare to clean up but giving your guests little bags of glitter to throw will make for lots of fun and will provide for interesting photographs.
  • Sequins. Sequins come in all sorts of different colours and can also provide a glittery atmosphere.
  • Sparklers. For a night time wedding sparklers provide a stunning alternative to throwing confetti.
  • Popcorn. A cute and easy confetti alternative is to fill cardboard cupcake holders (in the colours of your choice!) with popcorn.  Hopefully not too many of the guests will opt to snack on the popcorn instead of throwing it.
  • Rice Crispies. If you don’t like the popcorn idea you could use rice crispies in your colourful little cupcake holders instead (please note I am not talking about little muffin tin papers but am referring to the studier, more decorative holders).
  • Vuvuzelas. I have no idea why anyone would choose to have vuvuzelas blown at their wedding but it certainly is a very celebratory option. You might want to organize earplugs for everyone as well.
  • Whole flower heads. Instead of using flower petals, the idea of using whole flower heads might excite you. This would also be very photographically effective.
  • Shredded coconut. Coconut can easily be coloured to match your wedding theme and you needn’t worry about having to clean it up because it is bio-degradable.
  • Mini-marshmallows. I’m not sure why but I find the idea of being pelted with marshmallows absolutely wonderful. It’s just so cutesy and messy and glorious!

At the end of the day there are tons of different things to choose from. Whether you choose bells or paper planes or balloons or doves, let it be something that you love.

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