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What To Wear When You’re Shopping For What To Wear

I never in my wildest dreams imagined that one day I’d write about dressing up to go shopping! The concept is an eye-rolling one. I mean, whatever next – who cares what you wear when leaving the house to shop for a wedding dress?

But then a little thought sometimes goes a long way. And anticipating the potential discomfort you may experience in the hours spent trawling wedding boutiques, just may mean that you return home with your self-esteem intact.

And here’s why:

  • You’re going to need to shimmy in and out of clothes rapidly and repeatedly, so you want underwear that plays along
  • You’re probably going to shop with either a friend or your mother, and the shop assistant will undoubtedly pop her head in and out of the changing cubicle. In short: you’re going to feel as if you’re at Piccadilly station; the situation comes second only to child-birth when it comes to losing all dignity
  • You’re probably going to want to visit as many shops as possible as quickly as possible, so time spent dressing and undressing is time wasted

What to wear:

  • A shift dress, as it comes off in one and goes back on equally as quickly; so no zips, belts or funny ties – make it easy
  • Conversely, easy fit jeans and a shirt, or an elastic waisted skirt and t-shirt – something comfortable and easy to shed
  • Slip on and slip off shoes – you don’t want to be constantly tying and untying your takkie laces, no matter how comfortable they might be to walk in
  • Undies that not only make you feel a million dollars under the scrutiny of shop assistants and your mother (matching panties and bra) but comfortable ones too that fit easily under any wedding dress – some people recommend a strapless bra but you could easily drop the straps or shed the bra entirely whilst trying dresses on
  • Tights – these can give an added sense of modesty (if being naked is a problem for you) and help in the tummy-sucking-in department
  • A pair of heels – take along to give you a sense of how you will look once you’ve donned shoes – more or less the height you think you will need

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