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Backdrop Ideas for a Makeshift Photo Booth

If you’re set on creating your own photo booth area for your wedding then I applaud you! What a fantastic and fun way to play with your creativity. Small touches like this really do give you the chance to put an extra special personal touch to your special day.

Here are some backdrop ideas to get you started on your makeshift photo booth:

Use what you have

A good principle to follow in almost every aspect of life is to use what you have. If there is a spot where your wedding reception is being held that will make for a good backdrop then there is no reason why you shouldn’t use it. A blank wall works (even better if it has a colour) or a large wall covered in pretty wallpaper. Other options might include a rustic barn/shed wall or a large face brick wall can make for a really cool backdrop too.

Hang a Sheet

An easy way to add a good bit of colour to your photo booth is to figure out a way to hang a sheet or a tablecloth as a backdrop. Even if the sheet ends up being a little “untidy” it will still look great. Sheets are relatively easy to get your hands on and they come in an array of colours so getting something to match your wedding theme won’t be a problem. And if you’d prefer something with stripes or polka dots and can’t find a sheet to suit your taste, you might consider taking a trip to your nearest material shop and just grab two meters of something pretty.

Make a Sign

As a finishing touch to your backdrop you might consider having a sign made with your and your partner’s names and the wedding date on it. That way anyone looking at the photos will know exactly the occasion and when the photograph was taken. The sign can be in the form of a banner across the top, or you could have your names and wedding date placed in a frame for your guests to hold.

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