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How to choose the perfect wedding car …

More and more we are seeing couples ‘jazzing’ up old traditional wedding styles with their own unique touches that express the couple’s personalities. It is never an easy thing to do trying to arrange a wedding with two hearts, two dreams and one outcome, but being creative and thinking out of the box is key! Believe that it can be done and that it will be awesome!

We meet: The bride-to-be, an absolute personality with a design background and hubby-to-be, an interior designer and creative extraordinaire with a distinct style of his own. Their wedding was full of design genius that would make anyone jealous a real ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ wedding!

The most fun idea I spotted was the car they chose for the arrival of the bride-to-be that escorted her and her lovely ladies to the church… A classic VW COMBI! Simply brilliant!

Where there is an entrance, there too will be their exit driving off into the sunset with friends and family waving them, the new married couple, MASELTOV as they embark on the greatest adventure of their lives!

Now if you ask me, the car they chose is genius, think about it… there is plenty room in the back for a sunset stop on the way to the honeymoon suite. Just the two of you, parked up on top a mountain, kick open the door and put a blanket down, pop a bottle of your finest champagne and take a moment to just absorb it all as you bubble with love for each other at the end of the most monumental day of your lives.

Things to remember when choosing your car:

  • Make sure you stay true to your wedding theme when choosing your car.
  • Do your research, phone around and make sure you get all the costs involved.

Something else to just take into consideration: If you are going to have a big after-party and are both drinking, please be sure to find a responsible driver that will escort you safely to your destination!

Wedding Car

Photo Credits: Photographs by Annemari Ruthven

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