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Wedding Debacles You Can Avoid

Probably one of the highlights to come out of the internet, and access to every bride’s blog about their respective weddings, is learning from the mistakes of others.

Wedding mishaps do happen. Little things (or big) can go wrong. But forewarned is forearmed and we’ve put together a list of some of the obvious ones:

  • Unanticipated rain for an outdoor wedding – the sun doesn’t shine, as you thought it would, and you don’t have a Plan B, or at least not one that you like.
  • Wedding venue booking confusion – the hotel or venue double books or worse, you just don’t appear on their books at all. My advice is that you remain in constant contact with your venue, and then in the week running up to the wedding, you double-check yet again. And get it in writing.
  • The photographer doesn’t pitch – there is only a remote chance of this calamity, but has been known to happen all the same (he got a better deal elsewhere, or got your dates confused). Make sure your wedding photographer comes recommended, and that you’ve had a fair amount of interaction with him before the big day.
  • The tux doesn’t fit – finding that a rented piece does not fit, or that one of the bridesmaids has lost so much weight that her dress hangs on her is a moment you don’t need to deal with last minute. Make sure that all the wedding party have at least tried on their wedding wear close to the big day.
  • Your dress is not completed – don’t roll your eyes, I was guilty of this myself. The last fitting done, I assumed the changes had been made, only to find, on getting dressed, that they had not! Fortunately I had an an efficient seamstress in my mother, and we had safety pins and a sewing kit – something you may want to consider.
  • Last minute changes – like opting for a lower pair of heels because you’re a little panicked, only to keep stepping on the front of your dress. Avoid them, they have a way of coming back to bite you.
  • Not allowing enough time for details – you need to relax whilst getting ready, not tailspin getting essential items in place in time for guests to arrive, so have someone else take care of last minute essential items.

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