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The Concept Of Reception Food Trucks

Food trucks for receptions are big, and set to become bigger.

Food trucks in America are business as usual. They’re pretty commonplace on the streets of LA, NY, Seattle, San Francisco (you’ll have seen them in movies, if you haven’t actually visited). They’re perfect for ‘grabbing’ food or for late at night when everything else has closed.

And now they’re part of the wedding reception scene. Roll out traditional catering, roll in the food truck. Either as the main meal, or as an add on for coffees and snacks to supplement the meal. Great if you’re not into a food banquet but really like the idea of burgers, ice cream or pancakes.

Before you start pulling up your nose and making comments about the tackiness of food trucks, there is another angle to this. One: you save money. Two: you support small, local business. Three: it doesn’t have to be ‘fast food’, and Four: think of the photo opportunities with the food truck in the background!

The only downside is that they need somewhere to park, which for many venues is not too difficult, but you might want to bear it in mind when choosing where to hold your reception.

Now that our imaginations are running riot, the concept here at home is not that foreign. There are already people doing similar for weddings in Cape Town.

Luca Castiglione, who owns the Italian restaurant Limoncello, has run with the trend. All you need to do to find his location is tweet @Ctfoodtrucks. He serves up really good Italian food – baby squid spagetti vera, calzone, yellowtail burger or carpaccio (on any given day). And he hires trucks to other restaurants to use.

Luca’s idea is to bring good Reception Food Trucks to the best spots in Cape Town. Definitely one up from burgers and chips, or soft-serve ice-cream. And perfect for weddings.

There are also the Baguette Bicycle (lady on bicycle provides sandwiches to those who need it – though this is a little bit like fast food delivery, rather than a food truck) and Lady Bonin’s Tea Parlour – her really jaunty tea caravan offers quickly brewed take-away high quality loose-leaf teas (she’s opened a permanent tea shop in Woodstock now so not sure how long the caravan will last).

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