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What Is A Bridal Gift, And Should A Groom Buy One?

The bridal gift is a classic example of wedding day overkill. By all means, dear already distracted groom, write your intended a heartfelt letter about just why you love her and how you can’t wait to be married to her, but a gift?

Having said that, bridal magazines have recently dedicated entire articles to selecting the bride’s gift, evidence that there are men out there sweating it out in the discomfort of shopping malls in the countdown to the wedding, whilst their intended is busy worrying about whether or not to serve meringues with the strawberries.

Do you have to? Personally, it’s nothing more than a racket (just how many wedding related buys can there be?), but if your bride is expecting it, if it’s on the list given her by the wedding planner or whoever else it is helping her add ticks to the continuously evolving string of things to do to have the perfect wedding, then, well, ouch. I guess you have to.

Of course the whole thing is that the bride is not even supposed to know about the gift, let alone expect one. So my advice: keep it simple; try the following:

  • Copy all of your together favourite music onto a CD and send it to her the night before
  • Send same day delivery roses – nothing beats roses, ever (think pink demask)
  • Write her a poem (not a shakespear sonnet, one you’ve written yourself)
  • Track down something sentimental that you know she wants – like a book that has special meaning to her (or something similar)
  • A good old-fashioned love letter (without borrowing from anywhere) – it will take a little longer than picking up a piece of jewellery on your way to the drycleaner, but take it from me, it will mean far, far more

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