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The No-Diet-Eat-Healthily Pre-Wedding Food Plan

Almost every bride I know feels obliged to diet before her wedding. Shedding five to ten kilograms is usually the objective – the idea being that when you walk down the aisle you will blow people’s breath away because you have starved yourself to a conventional norm.

Out the window with dieting – why?

In the build up to your wedding, you are under a certain amount of strain. Depending on the kind of wedding you’ve opted for, the type of person you are, and the amount of time you have set aside for organisation, you will be anything from vaguely stressed to stressed out of your cotton picking mind!

So is the build up to your wedding a wise time to inflict undue stress on your body? Besides the fact that most brides simply put all the weight back on again post wedding, there is the added stress of eating fewer calories.

In the same vein, it is not advisable to consume food without thought. Use this time to learn how to eat healthily, considering that it is something of an investment for the rest of your life.

My advice to anyone who will listen, is to treat yourself to an appointment with a nutritionist. Not only will she be able to advise you on what best to eat for you, she can also suggest supplements to help you beat stress, and look and feel great.

But if that isn’t on the cards, here are a few simple food ideas to follow that will help you beat stress, feel less bloated and lead to a happier more beautiful you:

Basic food plan:

  • Try to start the day with a protein meal – scrambled egg and cream cheese, seeds, nuts and yoghurt with a little fresh fruit, smoked salmon omelette
  • Cut down on carbohydrates – all of them, but particularly refined foods using highly processed flours, potatoes, and bread
  • Cut back on caffeine and introduce herbal teas and water to quench your thirst
  • Cut out the sugar – you don’t need it and it poisons the body (that includes fruit juice)
  • Eat as many vegetables and salads as you can muster for lunch and supper (organic if possible)
  • When you eat fruit, eat it together with a protein, like a handful of unsalted nuts
  • Eat a couple of pieces of dark chocolate (75% cocoa) daily

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