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The Boudoir Bride

Boudoir photography has become quite the trend in recent years and one of the most exciting and extraordinary aspects of this art form is that you don’t have to be a stick-thin model to indulge in it. Now perhaps you don’t believe me, but it seems to be general consensus amongst many photographers that boudoir photography can be used to help make you feel more beautiful, and to even show you just how beautiful you are. Boudoir photography is not pornographic or necessarily lascivious, it is simply a tasteful show of your femininity.

When it comes to wedding boudoir the idea is that you take a few wedding related boudoir photographs that are for your husband-to-be’s eyes only, and you present them to him as a gift on the honeymoon. What man isn’t going to love that?

If you are considering doing something like this, her are a few tips that might help.

Do some research:

A quick Google search will give you thousands of ideas on what it is that you are getting yourself into and you will soon be able to tell what you might and might not be comfortable doing. Pinterest is also full of boudoir images for you to pin. It might be a good idea to save the images that you are comfortable re-creating and using them as a benchmark for your own shoot. Maybe print out some images and show them to your photographer so that he or she can get a good idea of your taste.

Choose your photographer well.

When choosing a photographer there will be a few factors to consider. Are you more comfortable posing for a friend or for a stranger? Would you be more comfortable posing for a man or a woman? If you are more comfortable posing for a male photographer, will your significant other have a problem with it?

Be comfortable in your underwear.

Most likely you will pose in the underwear you have picked out for your wedding night and that will already have been chosen well so this one isn’t too complicated. If you’re shy about being in your underwear then cover up with a dressing gown until you are posed in a comfortable way. But really – there is no need to be shy!

Don’t forget the veil and shoes.

Your veil and wedding shoes make this “Wedding Boudoir” so don’t forget those. Hiding under your veil can also soften lines and create beautiful shadows.

Just Relax:

And most importantly just Relax. Boudoir can be a lot of fun once you decide to let go of your inhibitions and just have fun with it. If you’re feeling a little shy just remember that no one is going to see the pictures except for the man who already thinks you’re perfect!

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