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Weddings are lovely, but the Wedding Planning Can Be Overwhelming

Weddings are lovely. Wedding planning, however, can be downright overwhelming. No matter how stable your relationship is, it can take a toll on the most secure of relationships – where every spare moment is taken up by guest lists, seating plans and flowers, it can be a little tough to make time for you and your husband-to-be and general ‘life’. Here are a few ideas to fit in some quality couple time before the big day and how to manage your time:

• Recreate your first date – whether it was a simple cup of coffee or a candlelit dinner for two, this is sure to bring back all sorts of memories, and will also help you remember those days of cute, awkward dating.
• Spend a day under the blankets with pizza, popcorn and a movie marathon. Whether it’s the movies you’ve both enjoyed as a couple or your favourite series. Time for you to just let your brain and body chill.
• Start a class or course of some sort – yes, it may seem as though your time is already short, but focusing on something completely different, even if it is for an hour a week, will help you keep sane – whether it’s pottery, learning how to garden or a short web course.
• Set rules – allocate a certain amount of time each day or week to dedicate to wedding-planning – whether it’s 30 minutes a day or 2 hours a week. Then you can focus all your energy on tasks to be done during that time, instead of always having something going on in the background.
• If you are feeling truly overwhelmed (and can’t afford a full time wedding planner) consider a Junior PA – one you can pay per hour, for the little tasks you just can’t get around to.

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