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All About Wedding Accessories

While pretty much all parts of planning a wedding can be considered pretty “exciting”, few wedding details are quite as fun to organize as the accessories. There’s something about the little details  that brings out the girly girl in even the most sensible of brides.

Here is a list of must have wedding accessories to out the finishing touches on your beautiful bridal self:

Something for your hair

A hair clip, comb or even a couple of hair pins are a definite must have for pretty much any hair style. Something sparkly will be a great addition to just about any style, or perhaps consider something with a pearl detail for a more elegant look. And if you’re feeling quirky? How about something with feathers?

A Beautiful Necklace

A beautiful dress deserves to be complemented with a beautiful necklace. If your dress is simple, opt for more “flashy” jewellery, but if your dress is flashy choose something a little simpler.


Earrings are a definite must. Whether you choose something long and dangly or an understated pair of crystal studs, your face should definitely be framed by something pretty.

The Veil

While many brides opt to go without a veil, do try and consider that your wedding day is the only day where wearing a veil is a real option. Veils make for beautiful photographs and the embellishments options for a veil are endless. There is certainly no reason that a veil should be boring.

The Garter

You might find the throwing of the garter to be a rather cheesy and outdated practice, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear one. Be sentimental about it and make your own, or buy something gorgeous that your new husband will enjoy taking off later.

The Shoes

Nothing finishes off a perfect outfit quite like a gorgeous pair of shoes. Yes, your dress is possibly so long that no one will see them anyway, but you will know that they are there and you will know that they are gorgeous and just that little bit of knowing will make your smile just a little bit prettier. Ok?

Happy Wedding Planning!

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