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4 Wedding Day Beauty Mistakes

Your wedding day is one day out of your life where you want to look your very best. There’s little point in pretending otherwise. Even if you generally take a casual approach to your appearance, there is no doubt that you will be putting in a lot of extra effort on your big day.

You’ve probably got every last little beauty detail planned out already.

A couple of wedding day beauty mistakes to avoid …

Tan lines

It should probably go without saying but try to avoid getting a tan just before the wedding. Or worse? A sunburn! There’s very little you can do to cover up unsightly lines so if you insist on a “real” tan then please be really strategic about it.

Going Orange

If you have elaborate plans to be “nice and brown” for your wedding day, please test out your methods before the time. If you’ve never had a spray tan before, you should probably try it out and make sure you like the results at least a month before the wedding. Then re-do it on the day.

The last thing you need is to try spray tanning for the first time two days before the wedding and then finding out you hate the results. The same goes for anything that comes out of a bottle.

Too Much Trendiness

While trends are great and fun to comply by, your wedding day is not the time to show how “with the times” you are. Try to be as timeless as possible on your wedding day, as you want to be able to look at your wedding photographs and love them for many years to come. “What was I thinking?” should never enter your mind while perusing through your wedding album.

Not Looking Like You

At the end of the day you need to look like you. The best ever version of you perhaps, but still you. You are not playing “dress up”. Your natural beauty should be enhanced on your wedding day, but never hidden.

If you’re not the kind of girl who wears seven layers of make-up and likes to indulge in stiff up-do hairstyles, then don’t do it. We all want to recognize you when you walk down that aisle. We all want to say “wow look how beautiful she looks” and not “gosh it doesn’t even look like her!”

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