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Choosing a Plus-Sized Wedding Dress made easier

The main job of the wedding dress is simply to make the bride feel and look gorgeous. Still, choosing a dress is tough, no matter the size, preferences or budget of the bride-to-be. So, when ladies that fall into the plus-size category go shopping, they are presented with many of the same challenges that every other bride faces, along with finding the dress that flatters their shape and boosts their confidence.

Choosing a Plus-Sized Wedding Dress made easier – Here are some tips for plus-sized brides-to-be on the hunt for their perfect gown:

  • Call the salon ahead of time and inform them of your usual clothing size so that they can prepare a few dresses in advance. This makes the whole process easier and more efficient for both of you.
  • Choose a dress that really fits. Opting for one that is a size smaller with the hopes that it will inspire you to lose weight for your wedding is heading for disaster and an uncomfortable day.
  • Search online. Even acclaimed designers often boast their creations in various sizes, and it is well worth the search to get your dream dress to fit perfectly.
  • Flowing fabrics, textures, and design features like ruffles and tucks go a long way in creating a gown that is elegant, feminine and perfect at hiding any areas with which you are not completely comfortable.
  • Consider wearing support garments under your dress to smooth your silhouette, if you feel that this will boost your confidence.
  • Remember that sleeves (whether solid fabric or flimsy lace sleeves) can be added to most dress styles. So, if sleeves are a must for your ideal dress, don’t rule out specific sleeveless styles before you try them on.
  • Only work with someone that is excited and supportive. This is your special day, and you will need a designer and dress-maker that is 100% behind you.
  • Take a trusted friend along for feedback.

More than these, it is important to stay excited and positive, resisting any kind of body shaming. This is your once-in-a-lifetime, your fairytale. Don’t let it be tainted by some skewed concept of perfection.

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Happy Wedding Planning!

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