Planning a Bachelorette for a Pregnant Bride to Be

posted on 4 September 2013 by The Tie The Knot Team
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Bachelorette parties can be pretty easy to organize when you have a “Just Add Tequila” failsafe in your pocket. Let’s face it: a lot of us rely on the spirits to make sure that everyone has fun. For the most part, it works, but if your bride-to-be is expecting a baby, then things tend to be a little different. You’re going to have to throw out any plans to douse everyone in cocktails and shooters, because if the bride can’t down those shooters with you, then it’s best not to bring them to the party.

Apart from politely refraining from dragging your pregnant bride all around town while you and your friends booze it up and she watches from the side, you might also like to consider that there are few things more exhausting in life than the first and last trimester of pregnancy. Keep this in mind while making your plans because you don’t want your bride to end up too tired to enjoy any of it.

Here are a few ideas for a relaxing and preggie-friendly bachelorette party.

Host a Sleepover

Remember how much fun it was to have a sleepover when you were a kid? Why not invite your bride to an old school slumber party filled with snacks, hot chocolate and a girly movie or two. Guests can all arrive in their pyjamas and out of respect to the bride, refrain from indulging in alcohol while she isn’t allowed to have any.

Have a Spa Day

Invite the bride’s closest friends to indulge in a little bit of a spa day. Everyone can pay for their own treatments, but you should work out a way for either one person to pay for the bride or split the cost between the guests. Many spas have bridal shower packages that you can look into which may prove to be more affordable than you thought.

Dinner at her favourite restaurant

If you know the bride has a favourite place to eat then why not organize an early dinner for her and all her friends. It may seem too simple, but girls don’t always need entertainment – they just need each other! Your guests will be happy just chatting and enjoying a nice meal.

A few “don’ts”

• Yes, your bride is pregnant, but take care to remember that her wedding is about her and not the baby. The baby will have its turn. Don’t  have a combo baby shower/wedding shower. And don’t play baby-themed games at the bachelorette.
Don’t take her out and then get drunk. She can’t “party” with you guys. Making her watch you party and down tequila shots is a little mean.
Don’t organize anything too active or stressful. Rather put her in a situation where she can sit back and enjoy it, rather than make her feel like she has to actively participate in a whole bunch of crazy games. She is planning a wedding and getting ready for a baby. Help her take it easy. Forgive her for being a little stressed and tired. And all round, just be super nice to her.

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