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Post-Wedding Blues

Post-wedding depression. Does it exist? And if it does, and it grips you just after the wedding, what can you do about it?

The blues or depression that can be very real for the bride and groom post wedding does indeed exist. It’s not an official clinical diagnosis, but it is very much part of the marriage lingo in the world of weddings. It is the funk after all the excitement and drama is over and you’re now officially ‘married’. Particularly for those who have become totally hooked on the adrenalilne induced rush that happens in the build-up to the wedding day.

Pre-wedding you and your partner will have entered this ‘zone’, for want of a better word, similar to that experienced by actors in theatre companies in the throws of putting on a production – you experience all the heightened creativity, and emotional highs and lows that come with the frenzied and consistent list-ticking build-up to an event. You become a planner of note, someone who responds to a contrived ‘state of emergency’ on a consistent basis for what can sometimes be months.

And then nothing. It’s all over.

Which explains the number of wedding blogs on the internet. If you’ve got a complete high out of organising your wedding for months on end, you’re going to want to organise and plan something.

So, here’s what you can do to stave off the blues:

  • Write a book (about organising your wedding)
  • Set up a blog and share all of your ideas with other brides to be (about organising your wedding)
  • Throw lots of parties from home (each of them a mini wedding)
  • Re-do your home – design a new kitchen or bathroom on a shoestring budget and take on all the DIY aspects yourself
  • Become a gym bunny – and exercise yourself silly (the endorphines released will more than adequately deal with any blues)
  • Bake up a storm
  • Start a new business
  • Take up meditation and learn how to treasure silence and stillness

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Happy Wedding Planning!

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