Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts – What You Have to Look Forward To

posted on 18 October 2011 by The Tie The Knot Team
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This is one tradition with which I’m secretly in love – giving traditional wedding anniversary gifts.

Celebrating the date on which the wedding took place is always a bit of a hit and miss in our household as we wanted to get married on the day of our first date, didn’t get it quite right, and now have an anniversary three days later, which confuses both of us.

Somewhere in between, we get it right to celebrate.

Below is a list of traditional gifts, but I’ve also hinted at more modern ideas and related flowers for those giving the couple a bouquet as a token:

1st Anniversary:

  • Traditional – Paper
  • Modern – Clocks
  • Bouquet – Carnations

2nd Anniversary:

  • Traditional – Cotton
  • Modern – China
  • Bouquet – Lily of the Valley

3rd Anniversary:

  • Traditional – Leather
  • Modern – Crystal
  • Bouquet – Carnations

4th Anniversary:

  • Traditional – Fruit or flowers
  • Modern – Appliances
  • Bouquet – Hydrangea

5th Anniversary:

  • Traditional – Wood
  • Modern – Silverware
  • Bouquet – Daisy

6th Anniversary:

  • Traditional – Candy or Iron
  • Modern – Wood
  • Bouquet – Calla

7th Anniversary:

  • Traditional – Wool or Copper
  • Modern – Desk sets
  • Bouquet – Freesia

8th Anniversary:

  • Traditional – Bronze or Pottery
  • Modern – Linens or lace
  • Bouquet – Lilac

9th Anniversary:

  • Traditional – Pottery and Willow
  • Modern – Leather
  • Bouquet – Bird of Paradise

10th Anniversary:

  • Traditional – Tin or Aluminium
  • Modern – Diamond jewellery
  • Bouquet – Daffodil

11th Anniversary:

  • Traditional – Steel
  • Modern – Fashion jewellery
  • Bouquet – Tulip

12th Anniversary:

  • Traditional – Silk or linen
  • Modern – Pearls
  • Bouquet – Peony

13th Anniversary:

  • Traditional – Lace
  • Modern – Textiles or furs
  • Bouquet – Chrysanthemum

14th Anniversary:

  • Traditional – Ivory
  • Modern – Gold jewllery
  • Bouquet – Dahlia

15th Anniversary:

  • Traditional – Crystal
  • Modern – Watches
  • Bouquet – Rose

20th Anniversary:

  • Traditional – China
  • Modern – Platinum
  • Bouquet – Aster

25th Anniversary:

  • Traditional – Silver
  • Modern – Silver
  • Bouquet – Iris

30th Anniversary:

  • Traditional – Pearl
  • Modern – Diamond
  • Bouquet – Lily
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What Do You Think?

  1. 23 Jul 2013
    Bonnie says

    My husband got me a gift certificate (paper) for an anniversary sundial (a clock that uses the sun to tell time) and did both traditional and modern gift suggestions in one very clever gift! When we had it made for our home, they put a date line on it that the time shadow rides every year on our special day, and the little glass sundial now sits on the window sill in our apartment and makes rainbow colors whenever the sun hits it…our child loves to play in the colors on the floor. I was very happy that he was so thoughtful, and now that we have the sundial to remind him each year, I hope he will never forget our anniversary!

  2. 24 Oct 2012
    Bernice says

    Could you tell me where i could purchase a welsh love spoon, in South Africa please.

  3. 3 Aug 2012
    The Tie The Knot Team says

    Hi Chayne, why not do a modern twist on the traditional gift? Get her a gift subscription to her favourite magazine. Happy shopping!

  4. 2 Aug 2012
    Chayne says

    Please send me an address where i can buy something special for my(WIFE) first anniversary. (Gauteng)

    Please helppppppppp!!!!!!

    Kind Regards