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31 May 2012

6 Great Wedding Gifts for the Bride (from the Groom)

There is the tradition, whether or not you choose to follow it, to buy the bride a gift. That is the groom, buys the bride, a gift. The bride has spent weeks, if not months, planning, directing, delegating, doing and ...

10 May 2012

Looking Good In Your Wedding Photos

It's all very well that you've gone to extraordinary lengths to find a great photographer for the day, and are paying him a small fortune to take the right pics. But how can you make sure that he doesn't catch you in ...

19 Apr 2012

For the Guest Who Doesn’t Know What to Write in the Guestbook

Ah, the blank pages of a wedding guest book! If you're lucky, your bride and groom are creative and rather than a blank page, they've provided you with props, colours and ideas. Because these days guest books at ...

29 Mar 2012

What to Wear on Your Head? – 6 Recent Veil and Head Piece Ideas

As wedding dress couture heads (no pun intended) in the direction of 'dramatic' this year, it is only obvious that head gear should follow suit. Veils are very much back in vogue, particularly if you're doing a vintage ...

28 Mar 2012

Apart But Together – Making Marriage Work When You Don’t Live At The Same Address

More commonly known as 'living apart together', LAT is when couples who have intimate relationships live at separate addresses. They're not one step away from divorce, but rather have chosen to live apart. This may ...

27 Mar 2012

A Reading List: 7 Books on Marriage, Relationships and Love

We've put together a list of 10 great books that make perfect bed-side reading leading up to the day: 10 Keys to Happy & Loving Relationships By Krystal Kuehn A selection of tools to help make relationships ...

23 Mar 2012

How To Propose At Easter

Whilst just about everyone expects a proposal on Valentine's Day, sometimes it can be just a little too, well, obvious moment. Yes, it’s the most romantic day of the year (if you’re into red roses, heart balloons ...

22 Mar 2012

How To Choose A Class Act

Choosing a 'live' band for your wedding is something that may take a little bit more work than you initially think. Sometimes it's just easier to hire the band you heard at Mary and Frank's wedding rather than think of ...

15 Mar 2012

7 Great (and different) Ideas for an Engagement Shoot

Engagement shoots nowadays are more than just a couple of shots of the couple with a prominently displayed diamond. Now there are themes involved and a playfulness has entered that involves props and toys, dogs, ...

27 Feb 2012

What Are The Secrets To A Happy Marriage?

If you look at what some celebrities have to say about their marriages (and they should know, because how does a marriage withstand the spotlight?) then people like the Beckhams say it's quality time, others suggest ...

24 Feb 2012

Bride of the Year 2012

It is almost time for the SA Weddings 'Bride of the Year' to be announced. On Saturday 21 April at the Clearwater Mall in Roodepoort, Johannesburg you can witness part of the magic. The twelve finalists from this ...

20 Feb 2012

Style Statements For the Groom Who Doesn’t Want To Wear a Tux

The tux. Well, it's lovely. But seriously, it is (dare I say it) passé – out dated, past its prime, worn, outmoded...(if there is anything of the unconventional groom in you). Weddings, particularly those with ...

15 Feb 2012

Why NOT to Diet Before the Big Day

Dieting does not work. Now that may come as a blow to all the brides out there who are busy starving themselves into next week so that they can look good in their dresses, but save yourselves the money and the anguish ...

14 Feb 2012

Natural Stress Relief for the Big Day

No-one is advocating that you start popping pills or downing quick tots of brandy on the quiet. It's a wedding and manage you will. Countless brides have had to cope before you, and a little bit of stress won't kill ...

6 Feb 2012

Wedding Customs Continued…

If you enjoyed our post last week about Wedding Customs and Practice from Around the World then you might find these customs interesting as well. Eritrea – where anyone passing is welcome to attend And everyone ...

3 Feb 2012

Wedding Customs and Practices From Around the World

Start scratching beneath the surface and you'll find that there are as many customs as there communities. Not all weddings follow the western formula. And even though there is a predominance of white when it comes to ...

1 Feb 2012

Tie The Knot at Kololo Game Reserve in Vaalwater

Kololo Game Reserve is the ideal venue for that “Small” intimate wedding under the African skies. At our lodge we can cater for a maximum of 66 guests sharing. As the lodge prides itself in personal attention we ...

1 Feb 2012

Are Your Guests Having Fun?

Keeping your eye on every little detail whilst planning your wedding is a necessary evil. Otherwise nothing would come together. But during the process you will be forgiven for not only losing your sense of humour, but ...

31 Jan 2012

The cord and veil ceremony – how they do it in the Philippines

A Kasalan is the Filipino word for wedding - a Spanish word, unsurprisingly, given that the Spanish occupied the Philippines for something like 350 years. Which means that wedding ceremonies in the Philippines are ...

27 Jan 2012

Blurb Books – the DIY (easier) Wedding Photo Album Choice

I've just stumbled across this really, really great resource that I think will make your wedding-photo-album-making so much more exciting, and easy. No more wrestling with the staid pages of drab and outdated, thick, ...