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Cruise Ship Honeymoon

A cruise to an exotic destination seems like a perfectly legitimate idea for a honeymoon but as with all things there are pros and cons. On the pros side there are many wonderful things about cruises.

When you consider that all your meals as well as your accommodation and entertainment are taken care of in one payment, cruises can be quite cost effective. You also get to spend five days dressing up for your evening meals, you get to travel to new places, relax, play and (hopefully) have a wonderful time.

Unfortunately, many couples think no further than the pros list and so the cons of cruising catch them by surprise, turning their dream honeymoon into a nightmare. You can, however, prepare yourself for quite a few things if you just take the time to consider them.

Sea Sickness Makes You Wish You Were Dead

Even if you feel that you don’t suffer from motion or seasickness at all, do yourself a favour and chat to your doctor about sea sickness medication.

Keep in mind that these meds do make you incredibly drowsy though – so you may end up spending your entire cruise feeling sleepy. The sleepiness in turn does a not-so-great number on your libido as well.

You Won’t Be Dining Alone

If you have an idea that you and your new spouse are going to be sitting hand-in-hand across a tiny made-for-two table sharing candlelit dinners and whispering sweet nothings to each other, then think again.

Cruise passengers are assigned specific dinner tables at a specific time and you are likely to share this table with two or three other couples. It’s a nice way to meet new people, of course, but not so great if you’re very attached to your alone time.

Too Much Food Makes You Sluggish

Yes. You will eat your birth weight in food five times a day. Why? Because it is there and you feel like you paid for it so you might as well eat it.

If you choose carefully you should be fine, but a five day diet of mainly carbs could also very easily take a bite out of the bedroom playtime that you’ve been looking forward to!

Destinations Are Not Always Predictable

If you booked your cruise because you specifically wanted to go to Madagascar and check out lemurs in the wild, then you might want to consider booking a flight instead.

Cruise ships often have to change their course due to bad weather and no matter how much of a fuss you kick up, the captain is not going to change his plans for you.

So if you’re going on a cruise for the cruise then that’s fine, but if you’re going on the cruise for the destination then you might want to prepare yourself for the possibility that you might end up in Port Elizabeth instead of Maputo.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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