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Blurb Books – the DIY (easier) Wedding Photo Album Choice

I’ve just stumbled across this really, really great resource that I think will make your wedding-photo-album-making so much more exciting, and easy. No more wrestling with the staid pages of drab and outdated, thick, heavy wedding photo albums. Instead welcome in the new, thin, heavily influenced by the web style photo book. And it gets to look exactly the way you want it to.

They’re called Blurb books, and you can make your own photo book online, for as little as R90 (actually, the book will cost you more in the region of R250 – R300, by the time you add the US $18 shipping fee, I won’t lie to you, but it’s still worth it!).

Using you can create your own book online. What’s more, you can order these in bulk and distribute to any of your family and friends in the same order. The free book-layout software has been around for a while – it was already winning awards in 2008 when they also published 300 000 titles (people use it to print their own books and blogs too)

Blurb books come in full-colour or black and white. They come with hard or soft covers and in six different sizes and formats, so the choice is yours. Best of all, you need no publishing layout or graphic design skills. You simply drag and drop images and text (text is not obligatory for a wedding album, but sometimes it helps and is a great way to add dates).

It’s as simple as:

  • Bownload BookSmart – the free bookmaking software (for PC and Mac)
  • Select your photos – once on the screen called ‘apply page layout’, just click on ‘get photos’ from any source, including Flickr or your computer
  • Add your photos – you might want to tick ‘show unused photos’ so that you don’t add the same photo twice
  • Choose your look – Blurb has a lot of different templates to choose from
  • Save, preview and order – all easy to do – simply hit the buttons.

The pros: Blurb will guide you as to which photos will fit where, and you can choose the type of paper the book will use, as well as the style of the book.

The cons: not sure that there are any…

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