7 Great (and different) Ideas for an Engagement Shoot

posted on 15 March 2012 by The Tie The Knot Team
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Engagement shoots nowadays are more than just a couple of shots of the couple with a prominently displayed diamond. Now there are themes involved and a playfulness has entered that involves props and toys, dogs, architecture, you name it. The sky’s the limit.

We’ve put together a couple of ideas that might inspire you to do something other than the beachside / bikes / bubbles / barn doors / or fun fair theme:

Attend a cooking class
Great way for the couple to relax. An interactive cooking class distracts you so that you’re doing something other than posing for the camera. If you’ve a good photographer on hand, there should be some effortless ‘moments’

Re-enact moments from a classic film
Edward Scissorhands, Room with a view, Alice in Wonderland, the Notebook – whatever you feel an affinity with, you have license to play with the idea, find clothes and props that create the atmosphere of the film and the rest is up to the photographer (you might want to loan him a copy of the film).

Go to a market
Your local foodie or craft market will do. There is usually so much colour and atmosphere, and the props are there without having to buy them. Try on various hats, coats and sunglasses, there is plenty there for the imagination.

A place with a view
If you have the right backdrop (Florence will do) then you have little need of props and costumes now, do you? Standing right above a city, focusing on the couple with the city as a backdrop makes for incredible photos. Conversely a prominent monument, like the Taal Monument in Paarl, will do.

Walk through an airport
Again, the backdrop is unusual and provides all the props and interesting moments if you have a good photographer on board.

Visit the aquarium
Think of all of those fish tanks for backgrounds.

Do what you enjoy doing most
If you walk together on the mountain, horse ride together, play golf together, picnic and read books together, go to the movies together or travel together, then each of these will work as a theme purely because they come naturally to you.

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