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What do you register for wedding gifts?
2 Apr 2014

What Do You Register For Wedding Gifts – When You Don’t Need Any?

Let’s face it: We live in a day where not all the usual “planning a wedding” traditions apply any more. Some of them work, of course, but most certainly not all of them. One of the norms that needs a little ...

21st Century Wedding Gifts
21 Nov 2013

21st Century Wedding Gifts

Let’s face it: most of today’s brides and grooms have been living together for months, if not years. Our marrying couples are older, they are established and they pretty much have their lives and homes figured out. ...

17 Jul 2012

6 Great Free Gift Ideas For Weddings

Weddings tend to happen in spates. Once one of your friends marries, and it's not long before at least another three join the ranks of Mr and Mrs. This can leave their guests feeling more than a little pinched (outfits, ...