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Elle’s Bridal Diary: You Are Loved

The days are flying by and we are steadily moving towards our big day. And just in case I lose track of the countdown my beautiful friends, who will be standing by my side on that day, prepared a box full of treats to keep me on track. What a surprise and what a delight. The heart, the effort, the love that was put into preparing my “goodie box” has filled me with so much joy. Joy not only at the sight of the yummy treats and sweet notes, but joy as I am reassured that they share my excitement and exhilaration as I prepare to marry the man of my dreams.

This brings me to today’s post. As brides there are a million things to do, think about and remember and not to mention all the people to consider and please all while maintaining that bridal glow. We often get so lost in all the arrangements, costs and hiccups that we forget and lose sight of all the people hard at work doing what they can to make our biggest dream come true.

With two weeks to our big day my bridesmaids, sister and mom put their heads and hearts together to arrange the most delightful high tea. Sugar and spice and all things nice…as they say. No, but there were giant tea cups, sugar cubes, macarons, pearls, chatter, laughter, gifts galore, pretty dresses and all things pretty.

My maid of honour made a photo journal used as a guest book for the afternoon where ladies, married and single, were able to leave messages of encouragement and notes of wisdom.

Many don’t realise that being a bride can often be a lonely and scary place. You’re on the brink of a life changing challenge and while you’re trying to prepare for this huge step your attention is also divided between last minute wedding details, building a new home and, if you’re like me, making provision for the two weeks you’ll be away from your laptop and work responsibilities.

I have been blessed to be surrounded by women who love and care for me and have stood in the gap and carried me when I couldn’t.

From high teas to goodie boxes to prayers and messages of encouragement to needed distractions. I have been reminded time and again that I am loved, not only by my groom, but also the wonderful women in my world.

Take some time to look around you, the women who have been by your side throughout your engagement and throughout this special season of your life. Celebrate them as they celebrate you.

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Photograph courtesy of Elle Hughes-Blignaudt ©

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