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How to Ruin Your Wedding Reception

The definitive list on how to ruin your wedding reception and how to avoid that! There is no doubt that your reception is set to be the party of the century. It is, after all, a celebration of your future as a unit. But unless you want to walk away from your reception humming “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to” you might consider making an effort to side step some of the more typical reception faux pas.

Here are a couple of items to add to your “don’ts” list …

Have your wedding on the same day as a major sporting event

You don’t want to know how much your friends and family love sports more than they love you. Rather avoid the question altogether.

Invite a crazy jealous ex

While a little bit of jilted ex-lover drama will certainly keep things interesting, there is nothing classy about a room full of folk pointing and whispering about the intense dude in the corner who used to be engaged to the bride.

Get drunk / high at the wedding

There is nothing classier than a bride throwing up in the bushes, right?

Be nasty in your bridal speech

No one likes a biting sarcasm and nastiness in a wedding speech. It’s supposed to be sweet and romantic and gracious. Being a cow in your speech just makes everyone feel awkward. Remember Rachel McAdams speech in Wedding Crashers? It bombed. That kind of speech bombs in real life too.

Let the best man humiliate both of you in his speech

Somewhere along the line it became “cool” for the best man to treat his speech as an excuse to roast the groom. You might want to specifically check that the best man at your wedding isn’t going to read out a list of your new husband’s conquests to all your friends.

Ignore the new in-laws

Be gracious to your new in-laws as they are now part of your family. Be sure not to make them feel like everything is about you and your family and that they are just sitting invisible in the corner somewhere. Quite frankly, it’s just not cool.

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