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Candice’s Bridal Diary: I wrote a letter …

During one of the evenings of our pre-marital-course, the presenters mentioned an interesting idea of writing a letter to your partner-to-be’s parent (s) before you get married.

I thought it was a great idea at the time, but then it promptly slipped out of my mind, until Luke told me he had written a letter to my mom this past weekend. The thinking behind it is that as you and your partner will now be “joined as one” and start your own family together – you are, to an extent, leaving your own family behind : and they’re the ones who did all the hard work, changing nappies, disciplining, driving, fetching, carrying, schooling etc. Your fiancé gets the wonderful, finished product of all their hard work.

So it’s a way of expressing your thanks for the great job your parents did, and making a special effort to show your appreciation  – which I guarantee will score you extra brownie points, whether they’re needed or not.

I’m planning on taking this one step further – and also writing my lovely husband-to-be a letter – there are already so many emotions, thoughts and to-do-lists running through my head, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to express myself properly over the coming days. Obviously vows play a big part in this, but spending time writing a letter – making sure that I don’t simply turn into a blubbering mess of I-love-yous – putting my adoring thoughts and feelings down in a way that makes sense.

At a stage where it feels like there’s ironically not much time to relax and breathe, it forces you to sit down for a few minutes, have a cup of tea, and write a few words about people you love. And that’s hardly a horrible task.

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