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29 Mar 2013

How To Get A Friend To Marry You

Officially, in South Africa, one has to be married by a legal authority. Known as a marriage officer or civil union officer (they also call themselves wedding officiators), they can be ministers, judges or anyone who ...

Happy Bride
28 Mar 2013

The Smaller, Cheaper, More Personal Wedding

Many of you already know that Mark Zuckerberg married Priscilla Chan last year. That's Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame – the guy we can safely assume is wealthy enough to throw as many weddings as he cares to. But ...

Out of Africa Village
28 Mar 2013

Tie The Knot at Out of Africa Village in Hartbeespoort

If a unique African style or country-bush wedding has always been your dream, then we await you at Out of Africa Village where sunsets explode in brilliant colour, inviting the romance of Africa, one that will be ...

Bride With Fringe
27 Mar 2013

Bangs Are Back

Call it a fringe or bangs, they're back. It took Michelle Obama's new blunt fringe at her birthday appearance to cement the concept all over the world. But she isn't the only celeb to hack a fringe: the Duchess of ...

Stacey and Andrew
27 Mar 2013

Weddings Out of Africa Creates Stacey and Andrew’s Perfect Day

Kirsty of Weddings Out of Africa shares her thoughts on planning the wedding of Stacey and Andrew. Stacey contacted me in November of 2011, and we very quickly fell into the wedding planning with ease. Having ...

26 Mar 2013

How To Handle Overdue RSVPs With Aplomb

It's a common problem for anyone sending invitations. Once they leave your hands - no matter how well prepared, how beautifully presented – the derth of replies is invariably the thorn in your side. How many ways ...

Make Up By Nadine
26 Mar 2013

Make Up By Nadine for your Wedding Make-Up in Gauteng

Nadine is a beauty therapist with 12 years behind her in the industry. She has a passion for making people look and feel happy and beautiful. Make up is an art whereby she'd like to accentuate your natural beauty and ...

Couple Under Chuppah
25 Mar 2013

The Wedding Photo Checklist: Part 3 – The Ceremony

The ceremony is the one part of the wedding day where the photographer has the least control. There is no yelling for a time out or asking if the bride can please move a little to the left.  During the ceremony it is ...

Bride With Uggs
25 Mar 2013

Would You Wear Uggs At Your Wedding?

Despite the premature announcement by various media institutions late last year that Ugg boots are over, the freak weather in New York recently saw more than a few Ugg clad feet marching the sidewalks. It wasn't the ...

Save the date cards
22 Mar 2013

Save The Date Cards – What Are They Actually For?

Save the date cards are the more recent rendition of the endless phone calls your mother would have made to the likes of Aunt Dot to allow ample warning that their usual bowls or bingo meet on the particular Saturday on ...

Walking Down the Isle
22 Mar 2013

Candice’s Bridal Diary: Walking Down The Aisle

Although the idea of “walking down the aisle” has all sorts of deep and meaningful connotations – getting married, pledging your commitment and starting a life together – I mean it in the most practical way ...

Groom getting ready
21 Mar 2013

Wedding Photo Checklist: Part 2 – The Groom Getting Ready

In part one of this wedding photo checklist series we looked at all the photographs needed to make sure you have a well-rounded photographic representation of the bride getting ready. Today we are looking at what photos ...

Emdoneni Lodge
20 Mar 2013

Tie The Knot at Emdoneni Lodge in Hluhluwe

Share your special day in magical surroundings with family and friends in the heart of Zululand at Emdoneni and ‘Touch the Wild where the Waterberry grows’. If you have ever dreamt of a true African wedding, ...

Neisha and Allesandro
20 Mar 2013

Charnell Timms Captures Neisha and Alessandro’s Perfect Day

Charnell of Charnell Timms Photography shares her thoughts in shooting this gorgeous day for Neisha and Alessandro ... "I met Neisha whilst photographing her daughters wedding a few months earlier, and moments after ...

Outdoor Wedding Venue
19 Mar 2013

Indoor Or Outdoor Wedding Venue?

The perfect outdoor wedding venue has a standby indoor venue as a backup plan. What will you do if it rains? And rain does happen, even on your wedding day. For many it's as easy as turning the reception area into a ...

Emotional Bride
19 Mar 2013

Yes, You Will Cry At Your Wedding

For those of you who think you couldn't possibly; that crying is for those made of less stern stuff than you; for those who have got themselves so worked up for the occasion that they fall apart when they finally stand ...

Save the first dance
18 Mar 2013

Save the First Dance

While some of us may be fortunate enough to know the way around a dance floor, quite a few of us may suffer from chorophobia, or the fear of dancing. If you do suffer from this fear in even the smallest way, it is ...

Bride looking at herself in the mirror
18 Mar 2013

The Wedding Photo Checklist: Pt. 1 – The Bride Getting Ready

If your wedding photographer isn’t a wedding photographer so much as a really creative photographer friend, you might be feeling a little worried about getting all the right shots in. Unfortunately with weddings you ...

Buying the Bouquet
15 Mar 2013

Candice’s Bridal Diary: Buying The Bouquet

With 6 weeks to go until we get married, one could say I have forgotten about my bouquet somewhat. Well, one could say I have forgotten about my bouquet completely – and you would still be right. I have given more ...

Wedding Dress
15 Mar 2013

The Virgin Bride

While American television continues to teach us about The Third Date Rule (apparently the unwritten rule is that a couple should have sex on their third date – whoever came up with that idea should possibly be shot!) ...

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