The Wedding Photo Checklist: Part 3 – The Ceremony

posted on 25 March 2013 by The Tie The Knot Team
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Couple Under Chuppah

The ceremony is the one part of the wedding day where the photographer has the least control. There is no yelling for a time out or asking if the bride can please move a little to the left.  During the ceremony it is the photographer’s job to capture all the right moments while being as invisible and unobtrusive as possible. This is a significant job considering just how much goes down during a wedding ceremony and there is very little time for a photographer to catch a breath between moments.

Here are a few of those must-be-captured moments:

  • Exterior and interior shots before the guests arrive
  • Detail shots of any wedding details.  Guest book. Altar décor. Pew decorations
  • Groom exiting groom’s vehicle
  • Groom walking down the aisle with his mother / father
  • Groom standing at the altar or staring out the window waiting for the bride to arrive
  • Close up of groom’s expression while he waits
  • Shots of some of the guests arriving
  • Both sets of grandparents as the go down the aisle to take their seats
  • Guests sitting down waiting for the ceremony to start
  • Bride exiting bridal vehicle
  • Bride waiting to walk down the aisle
  • Bridesmaids and flower girls walking down the aisle
  • Wedding party at the altar
  • Close up of bride just before she walks down the aisle
  • Bride walking down the aisle
  • Groom’s face as he sees the bride for the first time
  • Groom’s reaction as she makes her way towards him
  • Back of the bride as she walks down the aisle
  • Bride’s escort giving her away
  • Handshake / hug between groom and escort
  • Bride and groom at altar or chuppah
  • Shot of bridesmaid bouquets lined up as they hold them at the altar
  • Bride and grooms interlocked hands
  • Back shot of bride and groom with the marriage official between them
  • Both sets of parents and other close family members as they watch the ceremony
  • Wide shot of guests as the watch the ceremony
  • Close up of anyone doing a special reading. Poem, scripture, etc
  • Any cultural or religious traditions.  Lighting candles, breaking glasses etc
  • Close up of the bride and groom as they recite their vows
  • Close up of bride’s face taken over the groom’s shoulder
  • Close up of groom’s face taken over bride’s shoulder
  • Close up of each hand as rings are exchanged
  • The kiss! Make the kiss a nice long one so that your photographer definitely doesn’t miss it!
  • Happy couple walking up the aisle together
  • Bride and groom as friends as family hug and shake hands in congratulations
  • Bride and groom as they are showered with confetti / bubbles / birdseed etc
  • Bride and groom as they leave the ceremony hand-in-hand

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