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posted on 27 March 2013 by The Tie The Knot Team
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Bride With Fringe

Call it a fringe or bangs, they’re back. It took Michelle Obama’s new blunt fringe at her birthday appearance to cement the concept all over the world.

But she isn’t the only celeb to hack a fringe: the Duchess of Cambridge (1970s inspired angled bangs), Taylor Swift, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Biel, Rose Byrne and Christina Ricci are just a few.

Bangs are now the ultimate hair accessory – full, square, short and rounded, or simply swept to the side, they frame the face and highlight the eyes. But they can also be a right pain to maintain, and how do you wear them for your wedding?

How to style your fringe

Styling your bangs can end up a daily task. A fringe can need plenty of styling, particularly if your hair is not dead straight. Hairdressers advocate that the best way to work with a fringe is to direct the airflow from your blower straight down from the root, and use your brush to sweep the hair side to side.

Contrary to popular belief, avoid using a round brush, or you end up with a ‘bubble’ fringe; and the easiest styling is to use your fingers from root to tip, with the dryer directly overhead. If you have a side swept fringe then brush it in the opposite direction from your parting, and then flip it back.

Bang wedding hairstyles for your face:

  • Long bangs, tapered on the sides (so that the fringe is longest and heaviest next to the eyes) are beautiful when worn with a sleek top knot (lots of hair bundled on to the top of your head) and works very well with square jaws
  • For long straight hair, wear a straight fringe that is gently layered, if your jaw is square, but sharp and blunt if you have an oval face
  • A straight fringe works really well with gentle loose wavey hair, particularly if your jaw is square (it creates a balance)
  • A sideswept fringe that gently works itself back into the hair softens an oval face and works very well with straight or slightly wavy hair
  • A sloping, asymmetrical fringe (off to one side) that is graded to meet the hairline, whether the style is short or medium length, works well with a short forehead making it appear stronger

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