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All About Wedding Flowers – real, fake and not at all

Wedding Flowers can become a large (unexpected) expense. With everything from vase hire, florist fees and delivery costs adding up, it is easy to feel cornered. But, there are options! Here are a few ideas to consider if you want to save a little (or a lot) when it comes to wedding flowers:

Real vs fake

Papers flowers are becoming increasingly popular for the DIY bride. With Pinterest offering endless options and solutions and are easily made into beautiful center pieces  – and even bouquets – for the budget bride. Gather your bridesmaids in the months leading up to your wedding and stock up on supplies – tissue paper, fabric in the colours of your wedding, wire and a few images for inspiration  – and spend some time bonding while making unique centre pieces.

No flowers at all

This isn’t as dramatic as it sounds. Instead of flowers, you can use foliage, leaves and even branches with additional candles to turn any venue into a rustic fairy-wonderland. Branches can be gathered from friends’ gardens, foliage too – and candles hired if you don’t want to buy your own.

Glass and candles

Fill tall vases with water, place pebbles at the bottom and float candles on top. The height will give you added height, and they will be a spectacular centerpiece no matter what your wedding style. Scatter while pillar candles and pebbles down the centre of the table to continue the theme.

Local is lekker

Support our local economy and buy proudly South Africa blooms – proteas and fynbos are gorgeous, hardy and will last until you’re back from your honeymoon – and will generally be cheaper than the imported blooms.

Minimal blooms, maximum foliage

If, like me, you had your heart set on white roses, make them go further by including a few blooms among maximum foliage. Your arrangements will still look full, but without needing to buy as many flowers to fill them.

All About Wedding Flowers

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