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Elle’s Bridal Diary: My Turn To Propose

It was my turn to propose – In my previous post I introduced you to my half of our wedding party and shared with you why I asked them to be part of our special day. To follow on with that, I thought I would share with you how I asked them and also some ways you could go about “proposing” to your bridesmaids.

I saw this as a great opportunity show these ladies how much I appreciate them and also give them an insight into what the next few months would be like. I was nervous and very excited, secretly working on my surprise and doing my best to not give away what I had up my sleeve. Many of you may not think this is necessary and I am certain your closest girl friends would be thrilled with however you choose to make your request known. My bridesmaids were all involved and lent a helping hand when my Bear planned his proposal I thought it would be fun to have them on the other side this time round.

I sent them individual invitations for dinner which I prepared:

A meal shared is usually the best way to celebrate or commemorate. Better yet if the meal is prepared by you. This is a way to show your ladies in waiting that you are not simply there to be served, but this is a time for you all to enjoy and experience. If you don’t feel confident preparing the meal yourself order from a favourite restaurant or treat them to a meal at a favourite spot or find a new place which could become the meeting spot throughout the wedding preparations.

I personalized blank scrapbooks with photos of some of our moments together:

I am yet to meet girl that does not enjoy a photo collage. This way you are also highlighting the journey you have already had while preparing for the next one. If you’re not too keen on the cutting and pasting why not give them an empty photo frame that they can later fill with a photo of you both taken on your wedding day.

My favourite of all: I ordered delicate rings for each of them as a token of this unique season:

This was a thank you to them for being part of my world and a witness to my ultimate love story. Many brides may choose to give tokens like these on or after the wedding day. In the meantime you could opt for something like chocolates and flowers.

Whatever you do, stay true to yourself, your style, your relationship with the ladies you choose to have at your side and I am certain it will be a moment to treasure by all.

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