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Should You Hire A Videographer For Your Wedding?

Most of us list a wedding photographer as one of the essentials of a wedding. Photographs will mark the hallways, desktops and dressing bureaus in your and your families’ homes to come. It’s a given that capturing the moment is important.

But do you want a video of the wedding? This is probably the question you want to ask before worrying about whether or not to hire a videographer.

Some people deem it essential, others don’t want one at all. It is up to you entirely. What I do know is that many who opted out of a video regret not having done so.

I’ve never been a fan of videos. Home videos come close to being my number one pet peeve (having to watch someone else’s is my second), so nothing could have convinced me to have a rather private ceremony invaded.

But a close friend of mine has a different story to tell. Her parents-in-law insisted on paying for a videographer, despite her aversion to the idea. What she was convinced would be her undoing, was in fact the highlight of her wedding. Post wedding she has watched it so often, that her husband has threatened to throw it away.

It is true that in an economic slump, the video is probably the first to fall off the essentials list for a wedding. But be aware of what a wedding videographer brings to the occasion:

  • They will capture all the moments, some of which you might have missed, of the wedding, the ceremony, the reception
  • They use quality wireless microphones, so no fuzzy sounds of speeches and clearing of throats; they’ll just about manage to capture the groom’s whispered ‘I love you’, without intruding on your space
  • They will work with the photographer and stay out of his/her way
  • They will spend close to 40 hours on your wedding, from start to finish – with travel, shoot, editing and post-production
  • They have the right equipment to do the job – whilst your uncle might have all the loving intent in the world, does he have the right stuff and the stamina to film the whole wedding, anticipating the important moments…

Your video is about documenting you and your family for future generations, it isn’t just for your viewing pleasure.

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