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What’s On The Horizon For 2013 For Weddings?

What are the forecast trends for weddings? There are many of them. Some of them we could well do without (when will those moustaches make an exit!?), whilst a few look very interesting.

Here is what others are forecasting:


This seems to be a BIG happening change; bridesmaids dresses (if not the bride’s attire) are sporting florals and other gentle prints to bring a whole new slant to the ‘casual’ spring / summer look. And it isn’t just floral, and it won’t just be dresses that are influenced. Stripes and bold graphic prints will also get a look in. And you will see them in serviettes, table runners, table cloths, grooms’ shirts and pocket handkerchiefs.


This is has slowly been eeking its way into more offbeat weddings, but it’s now a lot more of a mainstream trend – to have one’s bridesmaids in various versions of a colour or print or even dress style, or all of these at once.

1920’s VINTAGE

The roaring twenties are back with a vengeance. This decadent era (think Great Gatsby) will see the romance of dropped waists, lace, long pearl necklaces and ivory take centre stage. It helps that a new movie version of The Great Gatsby – move over Mia Farrow and Robert Redford (although I’m not sure how much more of Leonardo DiCaprio I can take) – is due for release next year.


Is something of a world-wide trend as people make a conscious choice to use local suppliers, flowers, drinks, wines, farmers, bakers and caterers. It’s thoughtful, gives the local community a chance to shine and your guests the opportunity (particularly if they’re flying in) the chance to experience unique, local food and services.


This trend (to cut openwork patterns into paper, fabric or leather) adds further to the vintage influence. Predominantly noticeable in wedding invitations, table place cards, menus, name tags (even wedding dresses) a lot of the décor and design of weddings will feel the influence.


There is a definite move away from ‘all in one’ function centres to farms, large gardens, backyards, art galleries, favourite trendy cafés, and warehouses.

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